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In the preceding example, the site-to-site IPSec tunnel connection to Orlando has its voice traffic (dscp code cs5) prioritized over other types of IPSec tunnel traffic on the outside interface. In other words, the voice traffic has priority over the data traffic that is sent across the IPSec tunnel.
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Blend direction indicator
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Galley fan Stbd lights, 10A AWG 14 red #27 Port lights, 10A AWG 14 red #29 AWG 14 black #30
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network transport services required for the support of real-time applications, such as voice and video. As previously discussed, UDP does nothing in terms of avoiding packet loss or even ensuring ordered delivery. RTP, which operates on top of UDP, helps address some of these functions. For example, RTP packets include a sequence number, so that the application using RTP can at least detect the occurrence of lost packets and can ensure that received packets are presented to the user in the correct order. RTP packets also include a timestamp that corresponds to the time at which the packet was sampled from its source media stream. The destination application can use this time stamp to ensure synchronized play-out to the destination user and to calculate delay and jitter. Note that RTP itself does not do anything about these issues; rather, it simply provides additional information to a higherlayer application so that the application can make reasonable decisions about how the packet of data or voice should be best handled. As mentioned, RTP has a companion protocol, RTCP. This protocol provides a number of messages that are exchanged between session users and that provide feedback regarding the quality of the session. The type of information includes such details as the numbers of lost RTP packets, delays, and interarrival jitter. Although the actual voice packets themselves are carried within RTP packets, RTCP packets are used for the transfer of this quality feedback. Under normal circumstances, whenever an RTP session is opened, an RTCP session is also opened. In other words, when a UDP port number is assigned to an RTP session for the transfer of media packets, a separate port number is assigned for RTCP messages. An RTP port number should always be even and the corresponding RTCP port number should be the next highest number (odd). RTP and RTCP may use any UDP port pair between 1025 and 65,535. However, the ports of 5,004 and 5,005 have been allocated as default ports when port numbers are not explicitly allocated. The use of RTCP with RTP is not mandatory. Some VoIP implementations include RTCP as an option that can be turned off by the system operator. Turning off RTCP, however, eliminates the quality feedback mechanisms that RTCP provides. For that reason, I recommend that RTCP always be enabled.
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Designing a Voice over IP Network
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The prototype for ftime( ) is in <sys\timeb.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The ftime( ) function fills the timeb structure with system time information. Specifically, it retrieves the elapsed time in seconds since January 1, 1970 (GMT), the fractional part of any elapsed second in milliseconds, the difference between GMT and local time in minutes, and whether daylight saving time is in effect. The timeb structure looks like this:
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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you re working on a different area of a design, all you need to do is choose the Shape Tool and then click on an object that s in perspective.
Creating a Bounded Array
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
This fragment writes 128 characters from the file described by fd:
Increasing the total energy of the system has increased the number of energy levels available to the molecules. Previously, because each molecule must have at least 1 unit of energy, the highest energy level any one molecule could have was 3 10 20 J (since the other 3 10 20 J had to be distributed among the other three molecules to ensure that each one has at least 1 10 20 J). Therefore there were a total of three energy levels available to any of the molecules: 1 10 20 J, 2 10 20 J, and 3 10 20 J. Now with a total energy of 7 10 20 J, there are four energy levels available. The additional energy level (4 10 20 J) has increased the total number of ways to arrange the molecules from 10 ways to 20 ways for the same four molecules. Notice that one particular distribution, Fig. 5-4b, still stands out as having the greatest number of permutations and is therefore the most probable distribution. There is a simple formula for calculating the number of different ways to arrange the molecules in any given distribution. Given a total of LMAX energy levels, a distribution is defined by specifying how many molecules are at each energy level. That is, we define a distribution by saying there are n1 molecules at energy level L1, n2 at level L2, and so on, up to nLMAX . If the total number of molecules is N, the number of different ways of arranging N molecules into LMAX groups, with n1 in group 1, n2 in group 2, . . . , is W= N! n1! n2! n3! nLMAX ! (5-1a)
Ring resets; station insertion or removal Hard failure of NIC, MAU or cabling Ring resets; station insertion or removal Marginal timing, electrical noise Station addresses identify a fault domain
Use SSH for an encrypted remote access terminal session to your router. The
One of the key benefits of exception handling is that it enables your program to respond to an error and then continue running. For example, consider the following example that divides the elements of one array by the elements of another. If a division-by-zero occurs, a DivideByZeroException is generated. In the program, this exception is handled by reporting the error and then continuing with execution. Thus, attempting to divide by zero does not cause an abrupt runtime error resulting in the termination of the program. Instead, it is handled gracefully, allowing program execution to continue.
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