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Low Intermediate High
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5. Stop and restart the IMA service on the new host server. 6. When the IMA service on the new host server is running, stop and restart the IMA service on all the other servers in the farm. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, or IBM DB2 In a situation where a backup must be restored to a new database server, each farm server requires a new DSN file and updated registry information for the new database. For the best performance, execute this procedure on the data collectors after all other servers are reconfigured: 1. Restore the database. 2. Create a new DSN file that points to the restored database. 3. Execute the dsmaint config command on the server with the new DSN file.
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ICA and RDP Client Drive, Printer, and COM Port Mapping
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Device Version Information
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Formula Types
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Your Model-Building Toolbox: F Keys and Ranges
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After this statement executes, lst.Count will equal 6, because there are six initializers, and this foreach loop
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A Sampling of Methods De ned by SortedDictionary<TKey, TValue>
Figure 12.16 Post hurricane Floyd ood scenario. Accumulation of debris at Peckman s River bridge on Route 46 in NJ.
Error: Citrix Conference Room Failed to Start
Routing and Multicasting
The transform( ) algorithm applies a function to a range of elements and stores the outcome in result. In the first form, the range is specified by start and end. The function to be applied is specified by unaryfunc. This function receives the value of an element in its parameter, and it must return its transformation. In the second form, the transformation is applied by using a binary operator function that receives the value of an element from the sequence to be transformed in its first parameter, and an element from the second sequence as its second parameter. Both versions return an iterator to the end of the resulting sequence. The following program uses a simple transformation function, called xform( ), to square the contents of a list. Notice that the resulting sequence is stored in the same list that provided the original sequence.
Perhaps the most common use of the do-while is in a menu selection function. When the user enters a valid response, it is returned as the value of the function. Invalid responses cause a reprompt. The following code shows an improved version of the spelling-checker menu shown earlier in this chapter:
Part I:
2p = 31.42 rad sec 60
The following program demonstrates several custom time and date formats:
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