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Envelope and Distortion Effects
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Three Typing Questions for Eights
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Support Circuit Design
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1. To minimize adverse environmental impacts, address these environmental concerns: Develop a baseline survey to de ne current environmental issues Develop an assessment of the impact of proposed repairs on air pollution or on the water environment Develop considerations or measures to avoid or mitigate adverse impacts Eliminate impacts on wetlands by using top to bottom construction and temporary bridge Develop alternatives to minimize impacts. 2. Environmental related items: Requirements for paint removal and containment and disposal of contaminants shall be incorporated as per the current State Department s policy. The need for bridge mounted sound walls shall be determined in conjunction with the need for sound walls on the adjoining roadway.
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to recognize perishable evidence and its potential value. The decisions made will directly affect the evidence upon which investigations will depend. 2. For examination by the judicial process, the design engineer will maintain important records for the bridge such as contract documents including feasibility studies, site selection, selection of bridge type, and value engineering. In particular documents must refer to: Design criteria used and compliance with AASHTO and state codes Design assumptions, calculations, and computer output Evidence of client approval for use of computer software Contract drawings Special provisions of technical speci cations which are not covered by state standard speci cations Approved shop drawings prepared by contractors A record of requests for information (RFI) and design change notices (DCN) during construction As-built drawings.
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IUT, what the IUT must do in order to pass the test case, how the IUT can fail the test case, etc. Multiple test cases are required to cover all aspects of a given protocol specification. When all aspects have been covered, the resulting collection of ATCs form an Abstract Test Suite (ATS). For example, the ATM Forum Cell Layer Conformance Test Suite contains 46 test cases. ATSs for other well-known protocols are even larger. The ATM Forum Unit 3.1 Signaling Conformance Test Suite for the Network Side contains 66 test cases. Once it is implemented on a particular piece of hardware (a protocol analyzer, for example), the ATS becomes an Executable Test Suite (ETS). An ETS offers the user the ability to select one or more test cases from the whole test suite, and to run those test cases against an IUT and generate a Test Report. If the Test Report uncovers any IUT error, the product designer can fix the problems found and rerun the ETS. An important feature of conformance testing is that each test case, when run against an IUT, gives a clear and single verdict: either Pass, Fail, or Inconclusive (which means that the same test should be rerun to get a Pass or Fail verdict). These verdicts appear in the Test Report, along with a detailed trace of each test case run. Aspects of test suite execution and the contents of a Test Report are described in section 6.6.3.
Tree attachments (function calls) to test steps. Figure 6.14j shows examples of tree attachments, which start with a + symbol. The test steps (whose names follow the + sign) are defined in separate tables, using the same Dynamic Behavior syntax and semantics. Link between test case traces and ATS in TTCN. Figure 6.15a shows the beginning of a Test Case Traces printout. This section identifies the test case using the Test Case Name and indicates which cells were sent to the IUT. Figure 6.15b shows the end of the same Test Case. It identifies the cell received from the IUT, gives the complete TTCN statement (including label, event, and constraint), and explains why the event was unsuccessful. Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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