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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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The key to the expanded capacity is the reduced transmission rate needed to send information. Motorola has developed a vocoder technology that handles the process as shown in Table 19-3 . Table 19-3: VSELP coding process is straightforward The VSELP Coding Process Compresses voice signals Creates digital packets of information (voice) Assigns the packets a time slot Transmits Receives the information on the iDEN network This vocoder, known as Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictors (VSELP) , compresses the voice signals to reduce the transmission rate needed to send information. Moreover, VSELP provides for clear voice transmission by digitizing the voice and providing highquality audio under conditions that normally will result in a distorted analog voice. Using speech extrapolation, the VSELP decoder can repair the loss of a speech segment over the radio channel. The result is less distortion and interference (for example, break-up, static, and fading) as users move toward the periphery of the coverage area, enhancing the clarity and quality of voice communications at the outskirts of a cell.
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The following code returns the current process ID.
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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changed. To prove this to yourself, try removing the comment symbol preceding this line in the program:
Of course, if more than one device is involved, things become more complicated. In the example shown in Figure 9-1, PC-B also has a session to the server. This connection has a source port number of 50,000 and a destination port number of 23 another telnet connection. This brings up an interesting dilemma. How does the server differentiate between PC-A s connection that has port numbers 50,000/23 and PC-B s, which has the same Actually, the server uses not only the port numbers at the transport layer to multiplex sessions, but also the layer 3 IP addresses of the devices associated with these sessions. In this example, notice that PC-A and PC-B have different layer 3 addresses: and, respectively. Figure 9-2 shows a simple example of using port numbers between two computers. PC-A opens up two telnet sessions to PC-B. Notice that the source port numbers on PC-A are different, which allows PC-A to differentiate between the two telnet sessions. The destination ports are 23 when sent to PC-B, which tells PC-B which application should process the segments. Notice that when PC-B returns data to PCA, the port numbers are reversed, since PC-A needs to know what application this is from (telnet) and which session is handling the application.
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3.20.4 Structural Planning and Solutions
acques Charles first showed the relationship between temperature and volume of a gas in 1787. His work showed that gases expand in a linear manner as the temperature is increased and contract linearly as the temperature is decreased, provided the pressure is kept constant. The graphical plot of the temperature versus volume of a gas produces a straight line. If several different gases are studied and the temperature-volume data is plotted, the extrapolations of these graphs all intersect at the same temperature, 273 C. The Kelvin equivalent of this temperature is expressed as 0 K, or absolute zero. The mathematical expression to change Celsius temperature to Kelvin is: K C 273 .
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Object Restrictions
Notice how new[ ] is used in two ways. First, it creates the array of arrays. Second, it creates each individual array, based on the number and type of initializers. As you would expect, all of the initializers in the individual arrays must be of the same type. The same general approach used to declare jagged can be used to declare any implicitly typed jagged array. As mentioned, implicitly typed arrays are most applicable to LINQ-based queries. They are not meant for general use. In most cases, you should use explicitly typed arrays.
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