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Operator < <= > >= == != Meaning Less than Less than or equal to Greater than Greater than or equal to Equal to Not equal
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5 modes (auto, red-eye reduction, forced flash, suppressed flash, slow syncro) USB JPEG AVI 320 240; 160 120 ppi 10 80 seconds 4.0 2.6 2.0 inches 6.5 ounces without batteries 10-second self-timer FinePixViewer DP Editor Apple QuickTime 5.0 ImageMixer VCD for FinePix 16MB xD picture card 2 AA alkaline batteries Hand strap USB cable
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Lest you think: Yeah, sure. Smart Homes are cool and all, but why would I just want to turn lights on and off Remember, these are Smart Homes and you can do
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The ASA 5505 is one of the newer ASAs and replaces the PIX 501. It is meant as a small office, home office (SOHO) device; however, its throughput and capabilities put it almost in parallel with Cisco s older PIX 515, which targeted medium-size companies. The 5505 runs version 7.2 and later of the operating system. Table 1-1 has an overview of the features and capabilities of the ASA 5505. Unlike the other ASAs, the 5505 can be purchased with a 10-user, 50-user, or unlimited user license. (The other ASAs place no restriction on the number of users, or unique IP addresses, they can process.) Figure 1-9 displays the front and rear of the ASA 5505 chassis. The front only has LEDs on it, while the rear has the connectors. The power supply is external to the chassis. Above this is a slot that is not currently used: Cisco plans on producing a smaller version of the CSC-SSM card for the ASA 5505; however, as of the writing of this book, the card is still unavailable. There are eight 10/100 autosensing Ethernet ports. The two on the left support PoE. To gain initial CLI access to the unit, a proprietary Cisco rollover cable is used: pins 1 8 on one side are reversed on the other (8 1). The console cable is also used with the other ASAs with the exception of the 5580s. The two USB ports can be used to offload encryption/signature keying information. There is a lockdown connector that you can attach a lockdown cable to so that someone doesn t walk off with the unit: it s about 1/8th of the size of a 1U (one unit high) chassis like the ASA 5510. Below the lockdown connector is a reset button: when it s pressed, a hard reset is performed. NOTE It s also rumored that the USB ports will eventually be able to be used for additional flash storage.
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Meter coil
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Referring to Fig. 7.22, C1 is the cross section of the camshaft; C2 is a circular hole with its center located on the x-axis, so that the center of mass of the cam is shifted only in the x-direction. Moreover, a and c are the radii of C1 and C2, respectively, and x2 is the distance between the center of C2 and the origin O, i.e., the center of the camshaft cross section. Now we recall that our reason for removing material from the cam plate is to shift the centroid of the cam plate to the axis of rotation, namely, the axis perpendicular to the x and y axes through point O. Hence, we compute the centroid of the new cam plate. The centroid of a planar object composed of n given shapes of known centroids can be obtained using xc =
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There are several standard bodies that are involved, to varying degrees, in enabling Carrier Ethernet. These include the IEEE (primarily the 802 body), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), and to a lesser degree, others such as the Tele Management Forum (TMF). While the involvement of several bodies working in the same area may appear to be at cross purposes or at best, partially redundant and with the potential to introduce confusion, the reality has been different. These bodies have been and are working with a largely complementary focus, and where there has been some overlap, there has also been significant collaboration, with the net result actually expediting standardization efforts. The IETF has traditionally had an IT orientation, while the ITU has focused on developing international standards to support the needs of national Service Providers (known as PTTs in most countries). The IEEE, of course, has focused on the 802 Ethernet standards at the physical and data-link layer. It is continuing its legacy work on Ethernet and extending it in two areas from the standpoint of Ethernet in the MAN and WAN: OAM and Architecture. The ITU is working across the spectrum, from service definition to service architecture to OAM and Ethernet interfaces. These bodies were involved with LAN Ethernet and are now also focused on Carrier Ethernet given its role as a converged platform appealing to both Service Providers and end-user enterprises and spanning their traditional Service Provider and IT constituencies. The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), unlike the others, was formed relatively recently (2001) and exclusively to advance the deployment of Carrier Ethernet. Consequently, it has been the most active body focused on enabling Carrier Ethernet as a well-defined service to support the next-generation of applications. And although the MEF s initial focus was the delivery of Carrier Ethernet in the metropolitan area
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ASTM A 6, Speci cation for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes, and Sheet Piling. ASTM D 3359, Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test. ASTM D 4138, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Dry Paint Thickness of Protective Coating Systems by Destructive Means. ASTM D 4285, Standard Test Method for Indicating Oil or Water in Compressed Air. ASTM D 4414, Standard Practice for Measurement of Wet Film Thickness by Notch Gages. ASTM D 4417, Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface Pro le of Blast Cleaned Steel. ASTM D 4541, Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers. ASTM D 4752, Standard Test Method for Measuring MEK Resistance of Ethyl Silicate Zinc-Rich Primers by Solvent Rub.
In Table 4-2, one of the identified weaknesses was a large, unwieldy universe. In this real-world example, even IT professionals struggled to know which object to use when. Once the deployment team developed a more targeted universe, offered some standard reports, and promoted the resolutions and enhancements, usage increased significantly within a short period.
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// Construct a default value of T. class Test<T> { public T obj; public Test() { // The following statement will work only for reference types. // obj = null; // can't use // The following statement will work only for numeric value types. obj = 0; // can't use // This statement works for both reference and value types. obj = default(T); Create a default value for any T. } } class DefaultDemo { static void Main() { // Construct Test using a reference type. Test<MyClass> x = new Test<MyClass>();
Table 5-2 SONET OC Levels
The e-mail addresses are
case 4: Console.WriteLine("i is four"); break; default: Console.WriteLine("i is five or more"); break; } } }
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