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3 The PS 3 overall specs are: vProcessor Core Spec 1 Core, 7 x SPE 3.2GHz (256KB SRAM per SPE
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Dates can be simple four-digit numbers that go up by 1 with each column, representing years. Occasionally, you may have to enter quarterly dates or work with days, months, and years. If we want to have a good control of the dates in the column so that we can easily change them, then we will have to understand how dates work in Excel. How Excel Keeps Track of Dates Excel keeps track of dates by assigning a number, or a serial value, to a date, starting with the number 1 for January 1, 1900. The upper limit is the serial value 2,957,063 for December 31, 9999. Excel s formatting takes this another step. By using different data formats, you can make the serial value appear in the date format you want, including non-U.S. dates ( 31/12/2003 ), or even as times of the day or the day of the week. Monthly Dating Here is a simple dating problem: How do we make a date go up by one month Or more specifically, how do we get from the end of one month to the end of the next month Even with serial values for dates, we cannot just add 30 or 30.42 (that s 365/12) to a starting date if we want to make it go up by one month at a time. Adding 30.42 to December 31, 2003 will give us January 30, 2004, and not January 31. Adding 30.42 to January 31 will give us March 1, not the end of February. The solution is to work with years, months, and days. If we want to go up one month, we simply add 1 to the month designator, no matter what the length of the month is. Likewise, to go up one year, we add 1 to the year designator, leap year or not. We can do this in Excel, because Excel will show you what year,
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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5. Error Analysis The error for a measurement is the difference between the accepted
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Route Summarization
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Cell loss ratio (CLR) Maximum cell transfer delays (maxCTD) Cell delay variations (CDV)
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Indexers and Properties
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We plot these points on a pair of axes and connect them in a reasonable way (Figure 1.41). Notice that the domain of f is all of R, so we extend the graph to the edges of the picture.
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Summary Tab
3. You re greeted by the first in a series of dialog boxes, as shown in the illustration here.
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Secure key exchange refers to methods used by two parties to securely establish a symmetric encryption key without actually transmitting the key over a channel. Secure key exchange is needed when two parties, previously unknown to each other, need to establish encrypted communications where no out-of-band channel is available. Two parties can perform a secure key exchange if a third party intercepts their entire conversation. This is because algorithms used for secure key exchange utilize information known by both parties but not transmitted between them. The most popular algorithm is the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol.
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Working and Playing Together: The Smart Home Way
Here, str is an array of 80 characters and p1 is a character pointer. However, it is the third line that is of interest. In this line, p1 is assigned the address of the first element in the str array. (That is, after the assignment, p1 will point to str[0].) Here s why: In C++, using the name of an array without an index generates a pointer to the first element in the array. Thus the assignment p1 = str assigns the address of str[0] to p1. This is a crucial point to understand: When an unindexed array name is used in an expression, it yields a pointer to the first element in the array. Since, after the assignment, p1 points to the beginning of str, you may use p1 to access elements in the array. For example, if you want to access the fifth element in str, you could use
Using the Zoom Tool and Property Bar
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