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The outer set of parentheses is necessary for associating the cast with p and not with the return type of show_title( ). While there is technically nothing wrong with casting a pointer in this manner, it is probably best avoided, because it simply adds confusion to your code. (Actually, most C++ programmers would consider this to be bad form.) Another point to understand is that, while a base pointer can be used to point to any type of derived object, the reverse is not true. That is, you cannot access an object of the base type by using a pointer to a derived class. A pointer is incremented and decremented relative to its base type. Therefore, when a base class pointer is pointing at a derived object, incrementing or decrementing it will not make it point to the next object of the derived class. Instead, it will point to (what it thinks is) the next object of the base class. Therefore, you should consider it invalid to increment or decrement a base class pointer when it is pointing to a derived object. The fact that a pointer to a base type can be used to point to any object derived from that base is extremely important, and fundamental to C++. As you will soon learn, this flexibility is crucial to the way C++ implements run-time polymorphism.
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Analyzing the Data
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his chapter discusses one of the most important parts of the .NET Framework: collections. In C#, a collection is a group of objects. The .NET Framework contains a large number of interfaces and classes that define and implement various types of collections. Collections simplify many programming tasks because they provide off-theshelf solutions to several common, but sometimes tedious-to-develop, data structures. For example, there are built-in collections that support dynamic arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, and hash tables. Collections are a state-of-the-art technology that merits close attention by all C# programmers. Originally, there were only non-generic collection classes. However, the addition of generics in C# 2.0 coincided with the addition of many new generic classes and interfaces to the .NET Framework. The inclusion of the generic collections essentially doubled the number of collection classes and interfaces. With the advent of the Task Parallel Library in .NET Framework 4.0, several new thread-safe collection classes were added that are designed for use in situations in which multiple threads access a collection. As you can surmise, the Collections API is a very large part of the .NET Framework. Also described in this chapter are two features that relate to collections: enumerators and iterators. Both enumerators and iterators enable the contents of a class to be cycled through via a foreach loop.
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Sony s Mavica cameras take a different approach by recording digital photographs direction to floppy disks or writable compact discs. The growing number of megapixels used to capture a photo is making the storage of even one photo on a floppy unlikely without using a high factor of compression. (More about that later in the book.) But the writable CD is appealing. Blank CDs are cheap and make the task of transferring
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In the upstream direction, from the ONU toward the OLT (see Figure 7.4 and Figure 7.5), EPON operates in the multipoint-to-point mode (MP2P), where numerous ONUs transmit their data packets to a single receiver module located in the OLT. Moreover, since individual ONUs are not aware of other ONUs transmissions (as the PSC is a directional device, an ONU cannot see the signal transmitted upstream by any other ONU), the resulting connectivity appears similar to the P2P architecture, where centrally managed access to the upstream channel allows for only a single ONU at a time to deliver pending packets. However, because all ONUs belong to a single collision domain, centrally managed channel access is required (typically via a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm or DBA for short), and ONUs in their default state are not allowed to transmit any data unless granted specifically by the OLT. In this way, data collisions are avoided because
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6: Information Asset Protection
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Part II:
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Why Do Electric Vehicles Save the Environment
Points of Entry
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The Task Class
The last topic that we will examine in this chapter is recursion. Sometimes called circular definition, recursion is the process of defining something in terms of itself. As it relates to programming, recursion is the process of a function calling itself. A function that calls itself is said to be recursive.
MPLS Scaling
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