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Force.com delivers PaaS, a way to create and deploy business apps that allows companies and developers to focus on what their applications do, rather than the software and infrastructure to run them. The Force.com platform can run multiple applications within the same Salesforce.com instance, allowing all of a company s Salesforce.com applications to share a common security model, data model, and user interface. This is a major benefit found in cloud computing solutions. Add to that an on-demand operating system, the ability to create any database on demand, a workflow engine for managing collaboration between users, and a programming language for building complex logic. A web services API for programmatic access, mash-ups, and integration with other applications and data is another key feature.
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attributes ProdNo (primary key), ProdName, ProdQOH, ProdPrice, and ProdNextShipDate. For
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Fig. S1.6(a)
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Many of the latest generation of software applications remove most of the burden from worrying about disc formats and le systems. Depending on your application, these may work admirably for your particular application project. Programs such as Adaptec Easy CD Creator (for Windows users) and Toast (for Mac users) provide a simpli ed view of the recording process,
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Modify interface/virtual sensor configuration [no]: no Modify default threat prevention settings [no]: <cr> The following configuration was entered. service host network-settings host-ip, host-name ips1 telnet-option disabled access-list <--output omitted--> [0] Go to the command prompt without saving this config. [1] Return back to the setup without saving this config. [2] Save this configuration and exit setup. Enter your selection[2]: 2 Configuration Saved. *14:36:29 UTC Fri Dec 21 2007 Modify system date and time [no]: <cr> sensor#
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The problem of using enable passwords to control what commands an administrator can execute is that if multiple administrators need the same level of access, they must use the same password, which creates accountability problems. A better solution is to use usernames and passwords. One option is to use a local database of accounts, where each account is assigned a level of access that restricts what it can do. I ve already discussed the commands necessary to accomplish this, so let s look at an example that illustrates authentication and authorization using a local database:
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Part I:
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Step away from the subject. Rotate the camera 90 degrees, and frame the subject vertically. Zoom in to achieve the desired composition. You can zoom in for a head-and-shoulders portrait, as shown, or zoom in tight and capture just the person s face and part of the hair. The latter is known as an extreme close-up. Talk to your subject to relax him or her while you re photographing. Ask questions about likes and dislikes, family members, or hobbies. A relaxed subject will give you more natural pictures. Make sure the subject s eyes are in focus. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul. If possible, compose the photograph so that one of the subject s eyes intersects a point of interest (the Rule of Thirds), as shown in this photograph (right).
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Target server Target server
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Up to this point, the examples in this book have been using value types, such as int or double, as parameters to methods. However, it is both correct and common to use a reference type as a parameter. Doing so allows an object to be passed to a method. For example, consider the following program:
6.5 Exponential Growth and Decay ......................................................................................................................................
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TABLE 3.27 Result Table for SUMMARIZE
What is the incidence of a molar pregnancy
Figure 9-7
6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
Solution: The form of integration by parts is j u ( d v ) = uv - j v d u .
Call waiting transition
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