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x 2 ( x 4 + 4x 2 + 5) 1/2 = 2.
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As you can see, the break statement in the inner loop causes only the termination of that loop. The outer loop is unaffected. Here are two other points to remember about break. First, more than one break statement may appear in a loop, but be careful. Too many break statements have the tendency to destructure your code. Second, the break that exits a switch statement affects only that switch statement and not any enclosing loops.
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How is osteoporosis diagnosed
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Flow Diagram for Repair of Cracks and Defects
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// Demonstrate an anonymous method. using System; // Declare a delegate. delegate void CountIt(); class AnonMethDemo { static void Main() { // Here, the code for counting is passed // as an anonymous method. CountIt count = delegate { // This is the block of code passed to the delegate. for(int i=0; i <= 5; i++) Console.Write(i + " "); }; // notice the semicolon count(); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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Figure 28-8.
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Two-Minute Drill
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Physical Database Design
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Publishing the Desktop
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24.2.7 Protocol functions
Part II:
char buffer[BUFSIZ]; /* ... */ setbuf(fp,buffer);
TABLE 13-1
equal to 4 - ( 0 . 5 ) ~ ~ solving the equation and
TABLE 25-2
Here is why this loop is needed. As explained earlier, console input is line-buffered you have to press ENTER before characters are sent. Pressing ENTER causes a carriage-return and a linefeed character to be generated. These characters are left pending in the input buffer. This loop discards those characters by continuing to read input until neither is present.
PVC Jacket
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