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with outer radius equal to 4, inner radius on the circle, and width dx. See Fig. 10-3. The outer radius of the disk is 4 and the inner radius is the solution of x 2 + y 2 = 25 for y
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Method public static void AddMemoryPressure(long size) public static void Collect( ) public static void Collect(int maxGen) public static void Collect(int maxGen, GCCollectionMode GCMode) public static int CollectionCount(int gen) Meaning Indicates that size number of bytes of unmanaged memory have been allocated. Initiates garbage collection. Initiates garbage collection for memory with generation numbers of 0 through maxGen. Initiates garbage collection for memory with generation numbers of 0 through maxGen as specified by GCMode. Returns the number of garbage collections that have taken place for memory having the generation number specified by gen. Returns the generation number for the memory referred to by o. Returns the generation number for the memory referred to by the weak reference specified by o. A weak reference does not prevent the object from being garbage-collected. Returns the total number of bytes currently allocated. If collect is true, garbage collection occurs first. Creates a reference to o, thus preventing it from being garbage collected. This reference ends when KeepAlive( ) executes. Indicates that size number of bytes of unmanaged memory have been released. Causes the finalizer (i.e., the destructor) for o to be called. This method undoes the effects of SuppressFinalize( ). Prevents the finalizer (i.e., the destructor) for o from being called. Halts execution of the invoking thread until all pending finalizers (i.e., destructors) have been called.
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The Triangle class will not compile because the reference to Width and Height inside the Area( ) method causes an access violation. Since Width and Height are now private, they are accessible only by other members of their own class. Derived classes have no access to them. Remember: A private class member will remain private to its class. It is not accessible by any code outside its class, including derived classes. At first, you might think that it is a serious restriction that derived classes do not have access to the private members of base classes because it would prevent the use of private members in many situations. However, this is not true; C# provides various solutions. One is to use protected members, which is described in the next section. A second is to use public properties to provide access to private data. As explained in the previous chapter, a property allows you to manage access to an instance variable. For example, you can enforce constraints on its values, or you can make the variable read-only. By making a property public but declaring its underlying variable private, a derived class can still use the property, but it cannot directly access the underlying private variable. Here is a rewrite of the TwoDShape class that makes Width and Height into properties. In the process, it ensures that the values of Width and Height will be positive. This would allow you, for example, to specify the Width and Height using the coordinates of the shape in any quadrant of the Cartesian plane without having to first obtain their absolute values.
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When using nullable types, you will often see a nullable object created like this:
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Distortion effects apply complex math to the curve paths that make up your object. But artists don t need to know what s under the hood to take advantage of these wonderfully intricate equations to produce outstanding and very naturalistic artwork. The Distort Tool and options are also dynamic, which means they create distortion without ruining your original. Distortion properties can be edited at any time; your custom distortions can be saved as presets; and they can be cleared from your shape, just like Envelopes. Distortion effects also change your object without affecting its other properties such as outline width and fill. Using distortion, the curve values and node properties are dramatically changed, and the more complex your object is to begin with, the more dramatic the Distortion effect will be. Adobe Illustrator users will feel right at home; although distortions are similar to Punk & Bloat, they go beyond this effect in variety and complexity, and when you re using CorelDRAW distortions, you can restore your objects at any time. Distortion effects are great for a number of illustration challenges, including simulating organic-type effects, as shown in Figure 20-9. Believe it or not, the simple star shape at top left was used to generate the primitive cave scrawling. You can create flower shapes, zippers, swirly galaxies in space not even the sky s the limit.
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Removing the load resistor, the Thevenin equivalent voltage will be the voltage across the open circuit terminals at the 3 and 4 resistors on the right-hand side of Fig. 3-27.
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1. C. The SYSTEM LED will be amber if the switch has experienced a malfunction. A is incorrect because green indicates that the switch is operational. B is incorrect because the LED is off when the switch is turned off. D is not a valid color for the system LED. 2. D. 100BaseTX uses RJ-45 connectors, not MIC connectors. MIC connectors are used for fiber connections. A, B, and C would indicate a problem and are thus incorrect answers.
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217 = 131,072 218 = 262,144 219 = 524,288 220 = 1,048,576 221 = 2,097,152 222 = 4,194,304 2 = 8,388,608
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e x t e n d e d cross product an operator that builds a table consisting of all combinations of rows from each of the two input tables.
// Use multiple where clauses. using System; // Gen has two type arguments and both have a where clause. class Gen<T, V> where T : class where V : struct { T ob1; V ob2; public Gen(T t, V v) { ob1 = t; ob2 = v; } } class MultipleConstraintDemo { static void Main() { // This is OK because string is a class and // int is a value type. Gen<string, int> obj = new Gen<string, int>("test", 11); // The next line is wrong because bool is not // a reference type. Gen<bool, int> obj = new Gen<bool, int>(true, 11); } }
To summarize all rows, aggregate functions can be used in SELECT without a GROUP BY clause as demonstrated in Example 4.15. The result is always a single row containing just the aggregate calculations.
Declaring Variables Within Iteration and Selection Statements
MyClass ob = MyClass.Factory(i, j); // get an object
Part II:
Use the show ip interface brief command to see
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