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Part III:
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line, with no standing waves.
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2The authors of this book are not lawyers, and they don t even play them on television. So anyone relying on this book for legal advice will not get much more than poetic justice.
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CHAR for character) and usually a length specification. Table 3.2 lists common data types used in relational DBMSs.
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Heat generated by doubling the applied voltage.
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case 1");
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Data Center Network Design
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The string class contains several methods that operate on strings. Table 7-1 shows a few. Notice that several of the methods take a parameter of type StringComparison. This is an enumeration type that defines various values that determine how a comparison involving strings will be conducted. (Enumerations are described in 12, and the use of StringComparison here does not require an understanding of enumerations.) As you might guess, there are various ways in which two strings can be compared. For example, they can be compared based on the binary values of the characters that comprise them. This is called an ordinal comparison. Strings can also be compared in a way that takes into account various cultural metrics, such as dictionary order. This type of comparison is called culture-sensitive. (Culture sensitivity is especially important in applications that are being internationalized.) Furthermore, comparisons can either be case-sensitive or ignore case differences. Although overloads of methods such as Compare( ), Equals( ), IndexOf( ), and LastIndexOf( ) do exist that provide a default string comparison approach, it is now considered best to explicitly specify what type of comparison you want. Doing so helps avoid ambiguity in this regard. (It also helps with internationalizing an application.) This is why these forms are shown here. In general, and with some exceptions, if you want to compare two strings for sorting relative to the cultural norms, you will use StringComparison.CurrentCulture as the comparison approach. If you want to compare two strings based solely on the value of their characters, it is usually best to use StringComparison.Ordinal. To ignore case differences, specify either StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase or StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase. You can also specify an invariant culture. (See 22.)
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Pili Annulati
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public int this[int index] {
International class sumo robot named Overkill. (courtesy of Jim Frye)
Publisher Conservatism
issue, you should address it (or them) first. Issues come in two varieties: showstoppers, indicated by a triangular traffic sign with an exclamation mark, and trivial stuff, indicated by an info (i) icon. A common example of trivial stuff is printing blank pages; the Issues tab will inform you, and you can easily correct this by changing the Pages value in the Print Range area of the General tab. Showstoppers require careful reading of the explanation provided on the Issues tab; the remarks and explanations are quite clear such as attempting to print a low-resolution image to a high-resolution printer and your best bet is to cancel the print and read the rest of this chapter and save paper and ink. Here s what the Issues icons look like:
TABLE 25-9
15: The Law and Private-Sector Use of Biometrics
Function and Operator Overloading
The Development Ladders
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