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The Percentage function returns the ratio of the numeric report_variable provided to the total sum of the report_variable in the current calculation context.
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TABLE 25-10
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Traffic Classification
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To understand the way that command-line arguments can be used, consider the next program. It uses a simple substitution cipher to encode or decode messages. The message to be encoded or decoded is specified on the command line. The cipher is very simple: To encode a word, each letter is incremented by 1. Thus, A becomes B, and so on. To decode, each letter is decremented. Of course, such a cipher is of no practical value, being trivially easy to break. But it does provide an enjoyable pastime for children.
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Q: A:
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The default base folder location for the Web Client user profile installation is %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ICAClient. Table C-4 lists the file and directory structure.
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Figure 7-31 The establishment of traffic between an SG and an ASP
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Quasi-associated signaling links : In quasi-associated signaling, a minimum number of nodes is used to process the call to the final destination, as shown in Figure 7-6. This is the preferred method of setting up and using an SS7 backbone,
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DHCP Client
As the comment states, this is the prototype for myfunc( ). Although we will discuss prototypes in detail later, a few words are necessary now. A function prototype declares the function prior to its definition. The prototype allows the compiler to know the function's return type, as well as the number and type of any parameters that the function may have. The compiler needs to know this information prior to the first time the function is called. This is why the prototype occurs before main( ). The only function that does not require a prototype is main( ), because it is predefined by C++. As you can see, myfunc( ) does not contain a return statement. The keyword void, which precedes both the prototype for myfunc( ) and its definition, formally states that myfunc( ) does not return a value. In C++, functions that don t return values are declared as void.
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Rockies Robotics Group
First, notice that the two routers are using different LMI types at each end. This is okay, since LMI is used only between the Frame Relay DTE and DCE devices. Second, notice that the DLCI numbers are different at each end. Again, remember that DLCI numbers are locally significant and do not have to be the same on all segments the VC traverses: the carrier will assign these values for you and send you the correct mappings to use for the DLCIs.
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TABLE 28.1 Optical Measurements and Their Relation to Optical Network Properties.
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