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We were big fans of the Jerky Boys, in general, and when we were given an opportunity to be paid to work with them, we said, Hey, we ve got to do this. It looks like you ve done an enormous amount of work in Director to put this all together. Yeah, in about four weeks, by the way. In four weeks I m astounded. That s with a crew of three people. You did most of the programming in Director Any code that was written for that was done by me. It looks like you ve been pushing the capabilities of Director a fair amount with some of this stuff. People think of Director as, at best, a non-linear presentation tool. I think it is in nitely more powerful than that. I just nished a clip-art program that Director uses to manage a couple thousand pieces of clip-art, cross-platform. It s a very powerful development system. It certainly has some limitations it s no C++ or anything along those lines. But, if you re talking about creating a real multimedia experience, there isn t a heck of a lot you can t do with Director. While writing an earlier book on CD-ROM technology, I interviewed a lot of game producers. Many of them would use Director for prototyping the game and doing some of the early renditions and then would jump off and either develop their own game engine or nd some other tool to support the high-speed things they wanted to do. We usually try rst to do things in Director. In the event that we can t, we re certainly capable of using other development systems. Were you working sixty and seventy hour weeks to build this thing in four weeks Yeah, it was crazy. First of all, what I say in the event that this actually gets ink, we normally don t make our living by taking on insane deadlines. But this was an opportunity for us to work with the Jerky Boys. Again, like I said, we re big fans. It was something we really wanted to do. I don t
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The tangent function is also defined in terms of sine and cosine: tan 6 = sin 6/cos 8
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ACOG recommends annual Pap smear screenings from 3 years after the start of sexual intercourse but not later than age 21 years. Women at risk should have annual Pap smears; women who have had three consecutive negative tests can be screened every 2 3 years Colposcopy is a more accurate diagnostic tool.
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What Are APIs
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5. Deep sheet piling sections were used to minimize scour of abutment and wingwalls. 6. Both superstructure and substructure designs are based on the LRFD method. Figure 3.8 shows the completed bridge. 7. Replacement design of the Rancocas Creek Bridge by the author (see Figure 3.9) shows the parapet type used by Burlington County, NJ. Flooding of Rancocas Creek and occasional overtopping of the bridge showed that the bridge was functionally obsolete. It had become dangerous and its hydraulic opening needed to be increased. Unlike the spread box beams of Peckman s River Bridge, adjacent box beams were used which helped to reduce life cycle costs by avoiding corrosion and repainting.
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(Fig. 8.30) gives an approximate length for the curve:
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C means conditional; the presence of the header depends on the context of the message. N/A means not applicable; the header should not be sent in the request.
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Styles dialog.
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Figure 6.12 An excerpt from a conformance Test Report.
You buy a Lamborghini Gallardo (about $200,000); you pull into a gas station, and you want to put Regular in the tank No, and similarly you can t expect precision when you use CorelDRAW on an uncalibrated monitor. Fortunately, CorelDRAW provides a very simple way to ensure what you see on your monitor screen matches real-world measurements. Occasionally, your display might not show perfectly square pixels, and as a result your 5-inch line in a very important drawing might measure 4.88" when you print it. To calibrate the Rulers in CorelDRAW to match your screen, to match real-world output, you ll need a plastic foot-long ruler (clear is better than solid, about $1 at a stationery store), about 30 seconds, and the following steps:
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Monitoring, Analysis, and Planning
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Be wary of any program that prides itself on how intensive it is, or promises that it delivers a four-year degree in only three years. The quality of a teacher is not measured by how fast he talks. To learn a subject properly, you need time to think about it and time to practice it especially a skill like art, music, or programming. Nobody can turn you from a raw beginner into an advanced 3-D graphics programmer in six months, no matter what they claim. It s your education, so choose a school that goes at a pace that suits you.
Overloading Unary Operators
Insert Object
M A T H E M A T I C A L BACKGROUND the completing the square approach through the equations below. multiplication of the parentheses very carefully. 9x2 - 4y2 - 5 4 - 32y = 19 ~ 9(n2 - 6 ~- 4(y2 + 8 y ) = 19 ) 9 ( - 3)2 - 4(y +4)2 = 19+81- 64 = 36 ~ Make the identification X = x - 3 and Y = y + 4 so the function can be written
The measurement of output power in SSB is the same as in AM, the peak envelope power (PEP) being the measurement of the average peak power of the transmitted signal with 100 percent modulation. PEP can be calculated by V 2RMS/R, or VRMS IRMS, or I 2RMS R, where V and I are those of the maximum modulated peak.
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