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As you know, within a method, the other members of a class can be accessed directly, without any object or class qualification. Thus, inside Area( ), the statement
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Figure 19-3. WebVPN Web Applications tab
Transcendental Functions
Access control This category has to do with how the application is configured to permit access to users and/or roles. Unlike authorization, which is about assigning roles to users, access control is concerned with assigning access permissions to objects such as application functions and data. Depending upon the way in which an application is designed, permissions assignment may be user-centric, object-centric, or both. Encryption Really another form of access control, encryption is used to hide data that, for whatever reason, may exist in plain sight and yet must still be protected from those who do not have authorization to access it. Encryption standards will fall into two broad categories: (1) data requiring encryption in certain settings and contexts, and with certain encryption algorithms and key lengths; and (2) key management to be handled in specific ways that will permit the application to be operated similarly to other applications in the IT environment. Data validation Applications should not blindly trust all input data to be properly formed and formatted. Instead, an application should perform validation checks against input data, whether a user types in input data on an application input form, or if the application receives the data via a batch feed from a trusted source. Data validation includes not only input data, but also the results of intermediate calculations and output data. Requirements should also specify what the application should do when it encounters data that fails a validation check. Audit logging This is the characteristic whereby the application creates an electronic record of events. These events include application configuration changes, adding and deleting users, changing user roles and permissions, resetting user login credentials, changing access control settings, and, of course, the actions and transactions that the application is designed to handle. Requirements about audit logging will be concerned with audit logging configuration that is used to control the type of events that are written to an audit log, as well as the controls used to protect the audit log from tampering (which, if permitted, could enable someone to erase their tracks ). Security operational requirements Management of passwords, encryption keys, event logs, patching, and other activities are required to maintain an application s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Requirements Applications that do or may in the future support critical business functions included in an organization s disaster recovery plans need to have certain characteristics. Depending upon specific recovery targets specified for the business process supported by the application, these requirements may include the ability for the application to run on a server cluster, support data replication, facilitate rapid recovery from backup tape or database redo logs, run in a load-balanced mode, or be installed on a cold recovery server without complicated, expensive, or time-consuming software licensing issues. Requirements
R u n t i m e Ty p e I D , R e f l e c t i o n , a n d A t t r i b u t e s
In the program, IsPrime( ) is called eight times, and each time a different value is passed. Let s look at this process closely. First, notice how IsPrime( ) is called. The argument is specified between the parentheses. When IsPrime( ) is called the first time, it is passed the value 2. Thus, when IsPrime( ) begins executing, the parameter x receives the value 2. In the second call, 3 is the argument, and x then has the value 3. In the third call, the argument is 4, which is the value that x receives, and so on. The point is that the value passed as an argument when IsPrime( ) is called is the value received by its parameter, x. A method can have more than one parameter. Simply declare each parameter, separating one from the next with a comma. For example, here the ChkNum class is expanded by adding a method called LeastComFactor( ), which returns the smallest factor that its two arguments have in common. In other words, it returns the smallest whole number value that can evenly divide both arguments.
TIP My recommendation is to use both certificates and user accounts for authentication. I primarily rely on the OU field of the certificate to match the user to the correct tunnel group (discussed in s 17 and 19) and add an extra layer of protection by requiring the user to authenticate with a username and password. Most companies I ve worked with use the Microsoft CA product, which is included in Windows 2000, 2003, and 2008 server products, but you could also use your ASA just make sure you always back up the configuration, certificate, and keying information on the CA, no matter what product you use!
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Power, Status, Active, Flash, and VPN LEDs ASA 5510, 5520, 5540, and 5550 Chassis (Front)
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