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Examples of Network Ready Optical Disc Units
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Improve the SimpleQueue Class
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In the calculation of the product of inertia appearing in Eq. (7.53c), one summation O would suf ce to compute the product of inertia I xy, given the symmetry of the inertia matrix. The two summations are computed here and then averaged to diminish roundoff or measurement errors that could be introduced if, for instance, the coordinates of the cam pro le the supporting points were digitized or picked up with a coordinate measuring machine. Thus, the terms of both summations are given by I xyi = 1 pi +1 2 ( x + y 2 ) xx dp 2 pi 1 pi +1 2 ( x + y 2 ) yy dp. 2 pi (7.55) (7.56)
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Runtime type identification (RTTI) allows the type of an object to be determined during program execution. RTTI is useful for many reasons. For example, you can discover precisely what type of object is being referred to by a base-class reference. Another use of RTTI is to test in advance whether a cast will succeed, preventing an invalid cast exception. Runtime type identification is also a key component of reflection. C# includes three keywords that support runtime type identification: is, as, and typeof. Each is examined in turn.
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OLAP Databases as Independent Applications
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4. Choose the limits of AVC voltage that will supply the required range of gain by substituting the desired IB in the above equation with the minimum and maximum IB-related gain values.
Different shades of red and blue colors can be seen in a single hemangioma Lacunae should not be mistaken for the milky-red color seen in pigmented and amelanotic melanoma, which can have out-of-focus reddish globular-like structures Black homogeneous structureless areas represent thrombosis Significant scale or dryness (hyperkeratosis) can be seen in angiokeratomas Patchy white color or bluish-white color (fibrous septa) are commonly seen in hemangiomas It should not be mistaken for the scar-like white color of regression or the blue color that can be found in melanomas Cutaneous metastatic melanoma and hemagioma-like melanoma can be indistinguishable from a hemangioma A history of a previous melanoma will help make the diagnosis (Figure 1-17)
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