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competitive advantage.8 These are shown in Figure 16.5 and note the key features that were deemed important. As should be evident, they align very closely with the feature attributes of Carrier Ethernet. The three most important ones were identified to be Ubiquitous Connectivity, Five-Nines availability, and End-to-End SLAs. However, all the capabilities identified collectively in the figure inexorably allow Service Providers to offer the entire gamut of carrier-class services, with the attendant QoS assurances for mission-critical applications. It is fair to assume, of course, that these feature capabilities, especially the ones deemed most important (i.e., ubiquity, five-nines, SLAs) are not widely present/ available in the Service Providers Carrier Ethernet offerings todays. In the next year or so, the focus will invariably be on incorporating this set of features as completely as possible in Carrier Ethernet (delivery) solutions.
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The CLI is a character- or text-based interface. To interact with the CLI, you simply need to type in commands, just as you would do when typing an essay in a text editor or a message in an e-mail program. You can even use functions such as cut and paste with the IOS CLI: you can copy the complete configuration from a router using a terminal emulator s copy function, paste this into a text editor, make changes to the configuration, select and copy the new configuration, and paste all of these commands back into the CLI. The CLI supports a command parser. Whenever you press the ENTER key, the IOS parses the command and parameters that you entered and checks for correct syntax and options. When you paste multiple commands into the CLI, the IOS still performs this process for each command that is included in the paste function. If you make a mistake with one command, the CLI parser will display an error message, but it will continue with the next command in the pasted list.
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The SPECIAL FEATURES screen itself has more than one choice of added content: behind-the-scenes documentaries of the cast and of how the movie was made. The DVD video disc for Das Sub (a mocked-up movie about a German Uboat in the Second World War don t try to nd this in your local video rental outlet), adds a nice touch: the cursor to indicate choices on screen is not a ashing square, but a reticule of a submarine periscope (Figure 14 - 17). This kind of approach shows that the creative freedom offered by the DVD video disc is large.
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EXAMPLE 1-2 Find the current that corresponds to each of the following functions of charge: (a) q(t) = 10 cos 170 t mC (b) q(t) = e 2t sin t C (c) q(t) = 4e t + 3e5t C SOLUTION In each case, we apply (1.3) paying special attention to the units. In (a), we have q(t) = 10 cos 170 t mC. Since the charge is measured in millicoulombs
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modular routers. The slot numbers start at 0 and work their way up. All port numbers within a slot and type start at 0 and work their way up, which is different from those of the Catalyst switches.
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Rachel Masch, MD
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Console.WriteLine("Riders per trip during the week:"); for(i=0; i < 5; i++) { for(j=0; j < 10; j++) Console.Write(riders[i][j] + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine("Riders per trip on the weekend:"); for(i=5; i < 7; i++) { for(j=0; j < 2; j++) Console.Write(riders[i][j] + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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Mary Margaret s Tips on Demos
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Inc/Dec N x Inv_ptr or N x NDF_enable 3x norm_ptr 3 x AIS_ind NDF_enable or 3 x new_ptr
Object can t be contoured
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
An Example That Uses Wait( ) and Pulse( )
piece of information to the remote end, it sends what is known as an SCTP packet to IP, which routes the packet to the destination. The SCTP packet comprises a common header and a number of chunks, as depicted in
Formula Types
cabled together. A logical topology describes the method by which devices communicate across a physical topology. The two topologies can vary with the network technology/standard used.
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