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Exploring the C# Library
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This program writes a float to the file test. Notice that sizeof is used both to determine the number of bytes in a float variable and to ensure portability.
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The Resume key can be used to continue playing the disc content from the point it was last playing, depending on the user actions that took place subsequent to suspending the playing of the feature.
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Find the area between y = sin x and y = cos x for /4 x 5 /4.
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Distance Collisions
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Related Functions
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Always wear safety goggles and a lab apron. Hot objects will not appear to be hot. Be careful when handling any material that has been heated. Do not touch or taste any chemicals used or formed in the laboratory. Do not touch both electrodes on the conductivity indicator at the same time a small electrical jolt could result.
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The prototype for gotoxy( ) is in <conio.h>. The gotoxy( ) function sends the text screen cursor to the location specified by x,y. If either or both of the coordinates are invalid, no action takes place.
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Production Essentials
Read a single character Read a decimal integer Read a long integer (C++ Builder specific) Read a decimal integer Read a long integer (C++ Builder specific) Read a floating-point number Read a floating-point number Read a floating-point number Read a floating-point number Read a floating-point number Read an octal number Read an long octal number (C++ Builder specific) Read a string Read a hexadecimal number Read a hexadecimal number Read a pointer Receives an integer value equal to the number of characters read so far Read an unsigned integer Read an unsigned long integer (C++ Builder specific) Scan for a set of characters Read a % sign
Assistant Professor Division of Gynecologic Oncology Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology New York University School of Medicine New York, New York Cervical Cancer, Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Fallopian Tube Cancer
Once you have identified the web content policy server or servers that your appliance will use, you must now identify which content traffic (URLs) the appliance will forward to the policy servers. The command to identify the traffic to be filtered is the filter command. The command has three variations, depending on the protocol you want to process: Clear-text URLs FTP URLs HTTPS URLs
There are several things of interest in the preceding example. First, notice how ISeries is declared:
The initial setup and administration of the PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning Server, or just Planning Server for short, is done through the Planning Administration Console. This is a web-based administration console that can be used to administer multiple Planning Servers. In the examples used throughout this chapter, the name of the server hosting the Planning module is PerfPointServer. To access the Planning Administration Console, the developer would open Internet Explorer and go to the web site http://<Server Name>:46788/. In our example, the web site would be http://perfpointserver:46788/, as shown in Figure 7-1. The port number, 46788, is the default TCP port for the Planning Administration Console. The default port number can be changed by going to the properties of the PPSPlanningAdminConsole web site within the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. The left pane of the main administration console web site contains links to various aspects of server administration. The first link, Connection, provides a simple page for making a connection to the Planning Server. This link is open by default when the developer connects to the Planning Administration Console web site. In the Location textbox, the user would enter http://<Server Name>:46787/, which in our case will be http://PerfPointServer:46787/. Please note that the TCP port number is 46787, which is the default port number for PerformancePoint ServerPlanningWebServices. As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of a web-based administration console is that several Planning Servers can be administered from the same web
// Create a 4-bit type called Nybble. using System; // A 4-bit type. class Nybble { int val; // underlying storage public Nybble() { val = 0; } public Nybble(int i) { val = i; val = val & 0xF; // retain lower 4 bits } // Overload binary + for Nybble + Nybble. public static Nybble operator +(Nybble op1, Nybble op2) { Nybble result = new Nybble(); result.val = op1.val + op2.val; result.val = result.val & 0xF; // retain lower 4 bits return result; } // Overload binary + for Nybble + int. public static Nybble operator +(Nybble op1, int op2) { Nybble result = new Nybble(); result.val = op1.val + op2; result.val = result.val & 0xF; // retain lower 4 bits return result; } // Overload binary + for int + Nybble. public static Nybble operator +(int op1, Nybble op2) { Nybble result = new Nybble(); result.val = op1 + op2.val; result.val = result.val & 0xF; // retain lower 4 bits return result; } // Overload ++.
Low Intermediate High
v (t) = ri (t)
public T GetNext() { val = incr(val); return val; } public void Reset() { val = start; } public void SetStart(T v) { start = v; val = start; } } class ThreeD { public int x, y, z; public ThreeD(int a, int b, int c) { x = a; y = b; z = c; } } class GenIntfDemo { // Define plus two for int. static int IntPlusTwo(int v) { return v + 2; } // Define plus two for double. static double DoublePlusTwo(double v) { return v + 2.0; } // Define plus two for ThreeD. static ThreeD ThreeDPlusTwo(ThreeD v) { if(v==null) return new ThreeD(0, 0, 0); else return new ThreeD(v.x + 2, v.y + 2, v.z + 2); } static void Main() { // Demonstrate int series. ByTwos<int> intBT = new ByTwos<int>(IntPlusTwo); for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.Write(intBT.GetNext() + " Console.WriteLine();
Fig. 7-6
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