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Variables, Constants, Operators, and Expressions
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FIGURE 6.19 Examples of 1-M and M-N Self-Referencing Relationships
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Fort Lauderdale
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Use with Section 13.4
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Laboratory Manual
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Building flexible systems for non-programmers to use Game logic Multimedia programming: Graphics Rendering Animation Graphics System Design Sound Artificial intelligence: Path planning Agent architectures Decision-making systems Networks: Networking and Server design Performance metrics Topologies Protocols Security Tools for designers and play analysis: 3-D GUI creation Play testing to monitor player frustration, progress and enjoyment
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The problems use the tables of the Order Entry database, an extension of the order entry tables used in the problems of 3. Table 4.P1 lists the meaning of each table and Figure 4.PI shows the Access Relationship window. After the relationship diagram, row listings and Oracle CREATE TABLE statements are shown for each table. In addition to the other documentation, here are some notes about the Order Entry Database: The primary key of the OrdLine table is a combination of OrdNo and ProdNo. The Employee table has a self-referencing (unary) relationship to itself through the foreign key, SupEmpNo, the employee number of the supervising employee. In the relationship diagram, the table Employee_l is a representation of the self-referencing relationship, not a real table. The relationship from OrderTbl to OrdLine cascades deletions and primary key updates of refer enced rows. All other relationships restrict deletions and primary key updates of referenced rows if related rows exist.
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Evolution of Carrier Ethernet Solutions
Fig. 3.6 Battery Self-Discharge vs. Time
Guaranteed Incentive Table
4 The RequestIdentifier parameter is optional in connection creation, modification, and deletion commands. The parameter is required, however, if the command contains an encapsulated notification request.
ATM Switch
Despite having a preferences setting for cursive fonts, Opera does not seem to apply the preference, but instead substitutes another font. 5.2.4 font-variant
There are two important questions that arise relative to constructors and destructors when inheritance is involved. First, when are base class and derived class constructors and destructors called Second, how can parameters be passed to a base class constructor This section answers these questions.
STEP 1: Strip insulation from wire
strnchr( ), strcmp( ), strncpy( )
Content Protection, Licensing, and Patents
you re in wants to put you on some kind of track and keep you there. A wise student seeks out the knowledge she needs wherever it may be found.
Concatenated objects combine information from multiple fields. A common usage is to combine a customer or employee s First Name and Last Name into a new object, Name. Depending on your database, you have two ways to concatenate fields: The CONCAT function, which is database specific and allows you to combine two columns of data. One can nest CONCAT statements to combine multiple columns, but personally, I find the nested functions harder to read than an operator. An operator that allows you to combine several columns into one. Microsoft databases use +, and Oracle uses ||. The following object uses the CONCAT function and Designer s @Select to reference existing objects in the universe:
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