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MGC Quantities and Placement The capacity of an MGC is usually limited by the total BHCA supported. In some cases, we might also find that the total number of MG ports (such as MEGACO terminations) supported is a limiting factor. For our network, let s assume that the BHCA is the limiting factor of the MGC and that the BHCA capacity of an MGC is 150,000 BHCA. Table 9-4 provides the BHCA projections for our example network. Since we are planning the network with a 12-month build-ahead, we need to consider the BHCA values in the Launch 1 year column of Table 9-4. At first glance, we might believe that we simply need to divide the BHCA total by the MGC BHCA capacity to determine the number of MGCs required. Unfortunately, the solution might not be that simple. If a call passes between two MGs controlled by the same MGC, then the call consumes capacity on just one MGC. If, however, a call passes between two MGs that are controlled by different MGCs, then that single call consumes capacity on two MGCs. Consequently, the number of MGCs we require depends on which MGs a given MGC is to control and the distribution of traffic to and from those MGs. Consequently, determining the number and location of MGCs can be an iterative process.
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Make sure you are familiar with the OSI Reference Model and why it was originally developed. the use of port numbers and layer 3 addresses. TCP and UDP are example protocols that operate at the transport layer. The network layer defines logical addresses, finds best paths to destination logical addresses through the use of routing tables on routers, and connects different layer 2 link types together. Remember the advantages that routers provide, such as scalability through the use of hierarchical network designs and routing protocols, containment of broadcasts, intelligent path selection, QoS, and traffic filtering. The data link layer defines how devices connect to a layer 2 media type and how these devices communicate with each other through the use of physical addresses, such as MAC addresses in Ethernet. Know what a MAC address looks like: it s 48 bits long and is represented in hexadecimal.
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Financial Organizations that store financial-related information, particularly credit card numbers and bank account numbers, are more likely to be the target of crimes where criminals will attempt to steal this information. Organizations may also be the target of one or more types of financial fraud, including: Transferring funds A web site that is used to send or receive funds will be the target of attackers, who will attempt to trick the application or its other users into transferring funds to attackers accounts. Stealing service Intruders may attempt to trick a web site into providing free service. For instance, a flaw in a site s payment acceptance program may permit a user to receive service without paying for it. Account hijacking This can occur through malware that sniffs user IDs and passwords from existing customers, or phishing schemes that entice customers to click on links that take them to imposter sites that appear to be financial institutions. Click fraud Many online advertisers pay for clicks on their online ads. Attackers can build malware to generate clicks from victim computers in order to collect payments. Social engineering Attackers will attempt to trick people into responding to e-mails purporting to be invoices or refund requests, providing their valuable login credentials to a phony web site. Disclosure of sensitive information If an organization has sensitive information, intruders will attempt to steal or deface it. Sensitive information can be almost anything of value, including bank account and credit card numbers, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and military and government secrets. Perpetrators might either try to steal or deface this information, or simply discover how to do that and disclose that technique to others. Blackmail If hackers or organized crime enterprises are able to successfully break in to an organization s computers or networks, they may be able to encrypt or remove sensitive information and then demand payments to restore that information. Sabotage Hackers may wish to break in to computers or networks in order to damage their ability to perform their function. This kind of an attack could range from damaging operating systems, application software, or information whatever it takes to damage or destroy a system. Reputation Intruders may be inclined to break in to an organization s computers or networks in some visible way simply for the opportunity to embarrass the organization and damage its reputation. Legal Security breaches may invite lawsuits from customers, business partners, and shareholders.
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Fig. 2.15 Defective Cabin Light Circuit
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Figure 2.9 shows a typical 12-volt DC automotive bulb you can purchase at any Wal-Mart or auto parts store. Get a pair of high-quality test leads at RadioShack. These will be rubber-insulated, very nestranded #14 to #18 wire with alligator clips, banana plugs, or minitest tips attached. Solder the test leads to the side and base of the bulb, as shown, or to a lamp socket. Don t worry about ever having to replace the bulb. It is rated 5,000 hours at 13.5 V, so the only way it should fail is if you step on it or try to test a 110-volt circuit with it. The second tool is similar but produces a noise instead of a light. As in Figure 2.10, solder test leads to a 3 V 16 V Piezo electric buzzer, which can be found at an electronics store for under $5. If you want to get fancy, assemble both the light and
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As you know, using printf( ) you can control the format of information displayed on the screen. For example, you can specify field widths and left- or right-justification. You can also accomplish the same type of formatting using C++ s approach to I/O. There are two ways to format output. The first uses member functions of the ios class. The second uses a special type of function called a manipulator. We will begin by looking at formatting using the member functions of ios.
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Underlying principles for avoiding failures dictate that: 1. There will be regular or routine maintenance There should be no problem with pre-approved budgeting and availability of maintenance funds by the owner for emergency or routine maintenance. 2. Engineering planning for original construction shall be sound. 3. There will be no design mistakes: There is a need to critically examine state-of-the-art, theoretical concepts, current design methods, and the quality of construction and maintenance. Design errors can occur due to a lack of expertise on the part of the engineer. Nonperformance of independent checks (for design concepts or structural details shown on drawings) through lack of a quality control program is a recipe for disaster. It should be possible to minimize or prevent failures by developing and implementing checklists for maintenance adequacy and quality design requirements. Bridges are subject to displacement, movement, and sway of the substructure due to oods. If design and reconstruction criteria are correctly implemented, many of the failures can be prevented. 4. Collapse can be reduced by using standard details and, exible and ductile moment resistance connections. 5. There will be no construction defects: Construction errors generally arise due to a lack of adequate supervision when meeting tight deadlines. 6. Some failures may occur due to experimentation with new types of materials or new systems such as unde ned and unpredictable material properties in cast in place or precast construction.
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NCHRP and Other Studies 1. High temperature, wind velocity, and low humidity during placement and ineffective curing appear to accelerate cracking. Literature shows little evidence of cracking due to large de ections. Corrosion of reinforcing steel within concrete is recognized as a signi cant problem facing present-day owners and engineers. 2. A recent study by NCHRP on causes of bridge deck deterioration on the nation s bridges has shown typical deck deterioration and damages that may have resulted from vibration, excessive de ection, or fatigue: Transverse cracking The most common form of deck damage is due to plastic shrinkage of concrete, drying shrinkage of hardened concrete combined with deck restraint, settlement of nished concrete around top mat of reinforcement, and traf c induced vibrations. Longitudinal cracking This occurs due to poor mix design, temperature changes, shrinkage or live load impact. Multiple cracks occur due to pounding caused from wheel impact on rough surface and at deck joints. Spalling Caused by corrosion of reinforcement, freeze/thaw cycles of concrete. Surface scaling Improper nishing and curing. Effects of deicing salts: Exposure to deicing chemicals and marine-sourced chloride is a signi cant cause of corrosion, playing a more detrimental role than originally anticipated. 3. Krauss and Regale in 1996, after an extensive survey of U.S. and Canadian bridges, concluded: Cracking is more common among multi-span continuous steel girder structures due to restraint. Longer spans are more susceptible than shorter spans. Design variables that affect cracking are size, placement, and protective coating of reinforcement bars. Closely spaced small diameter bars with adequate cover of 1 to 3 inches would minimize cracking.
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Bit Value
LAB 7.1
ACL Types
Splines Polynomials Constraints 2 0 90 180 Cam rotation angle (deg.) 270
13 SciNet CD-Manager 5
Tracking and Submitting CPEs
An IS auditor should consider using the work of other auditors, when and where appropriate. Whether an auditor can use the work of other auditors depends on several factors, including: The relevance of the other auditors work The qualifications and independence of the other auditors Whether the other auditors work is adequate (this will require an evaluation of at least some of the other auditors work) Whether the IS auditor should develop additional test procedures to supplement the work of another auditor(s) If an IS auditor uses another auditor s work, his report should document which portion of the audit work was performed by the other auditor, as well as an evaluation of that work.
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