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It would certainly save money and desktop space if you could use the same printer for photographs that you use for letters, reports, and homework. You probably can. In addition to having the aforementioned separate black plus three colors of inks, your printer should be at least 300 dpi. That s what the experts say. What the experts don t say is that you d have a hard time today buying a printer with less than 1,200 dpi. The truth is that 1,200 dpi in many cases refers to the precision with which the print head moves across the paper, not how many actual dots of color it lays down every inch. Many of those dots must be dithered before they collectively make up a single dot of a certain color. Never turn down a few more hundred dpi, but don t expect a 1,200 dpi image to be four times sharper and more detailed than a 300 dpi printer. And don t expect that all 1,200 dpi printers are equally good. AS A MATTER OF FACT Dithering is the grouping of dots of colors in different combinations so they appear to be different shades, including green a color missing from most printers. If you want to see how dithering works, look at the Sunday paper funnies through a magnifying glass. Or check out Figure 6-1.
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The Presentation Server Client is supported on Compaq iPaq devices. This device can be used as a client as well as a server farm management tool for high density Presentation Servers. The client version should be Presentation Server Client for WinCE ARM version 7.x or later. TIP The Presentation Server Client supports input from both the iPaq keyboard and character recognizer and transcriber within a session.
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The first form reads characters into the array pointed to by buf until either num 1 characters have been read, a newline character has been found, or the end of the file has been encountered. The array pointed to by buf will be null-terminated by getline( ). If the newline character is encountered in the input stream, it is extracted, but is not put into buf. The second form reads characters into the array pointed to by buf until either num 1 characters have been read, the character specified by delim has been found, or the end of the file has been encountered. The array pointed to by buf will be null-terminated by getline( ). If the delimiter character is encountered in the input stream, it is extracted, but is not put into buf.
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Splitting and Joining Strings
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On your own, you might want to experiment with redirecting the other built-in streams.
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Data and Observations
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Auditing Access Logs
7. Compile the program by selecting Build Solution from the Build menu. 8. Run the program by selecting Start Without Debugging from the Debug menu. When you
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When developing multithreaded programs, you must be careful to avoid deadlock and race conditions. Deadlock is, as the name implies, a situation in which one thread is waiting for another thread to do something, but that other thread is waiting on the first. Thus, both threads are suspended, waiting for each other, and neither executes. This situation is analogous to two overly polite people both insisting that the other step through a door first! Avoiding deadlock seems easy, but it s not. For example, deadlock can occur in roundabout ways. Consider the TickTock class. As explained, if a final Pulse( ) is not executed by Tick( ) or Tock( ), then one or the other will be waiting indefinitely and the program is deadlocked. Often the cause of the deadlock is not readily understood simply by looking at the source code to the program, because concurrently executing threads can interact in complex ways at runtime. To avoid deadlock, careful programming and thorough testing is required. In general, if a multithreaded program occasionally hangs, deadlock is the likely cause. A race condition occurs when two (or more) threads attempt to access a shared resource at the same time, without proper synchronization. For example, one thread may be writing a new value to a variable while another thread is incrementing the variable s current value. Without synchronization, the outcome will depend on the order in which the threads execute. (Does the second thread increment the original value or the new value written by the first thread ) In situations like this, the two threads are said to be racing each other, with the final outcome determined by which thread finishes first. Like deadlock, a race condition can occur in difficult-to-discover ways. The solution is prevention: careful programming that properly synchronizes access to shared resources.
Bernard Liautaud cofounded Business Objects in France in 1990. In Q3 2005, Liautaud assumed the role of Chief Strategy Officer. John Schwarz, previously President of Symantec, became CEO. Business Objects has dual headquarters in both Paris, France, and San Jose, California. While such a multicultural split in headquarters can create a not invented here attitude, Business Objects sees its transnational identity as a competitive advantage in a global marketplace. At one point in BI history, Business Objects might have been viewed as a niche player or underdog. Today, it is considered the industry leader on a number of fronts. Its revenues, once in the millions, reached the one billion dollar mark in 2005. Part of what has helped it reach this mark has been its acquisition of Crystal Decisions, but clearly, the other aspect has been a history of innovation.
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This command enables failover on the appliance; and since the secondary unit is turned off, you re guaranteeing that this appliance will take over the active role. NOTE Either before or after this step, you can enable optional failover commands, discussed later in the Active/Standby: Optional Commands section.
Value Syntax [ <border-top-width> || <border-style> || <color> ] | inherit Initial Value not defined for shorthand properties Percentages n/a Inherited no Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
non-real-time applications uses rate based flow control
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