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BusinessObjects XI administrators use Designer to build universes. While much of BusinessObjects XI is managed via a web environment and browser-based tools, Designer must be installed locally on your PC. In previous versions of BusinessObjects, designers could work on a universe offline for when they did not have connectivity to the repository. With BusinessObjects XI, you must first log in to the CMS repository, even when you are working against a local copy of a universe file. To launch Designer, follow these steps: 1. From Windows, select Start | Programs | BusinessObjects XI Release 2 | BusinessObjects Enterprise | Designer. Designer presents you with a login screen. 2. If your deployment has multiple CMS servers, for test and production, select the correct enterprise server from the System drop-down. 3. Enter your BusinessObjects Enterprise user name in the appropriate box. (Note: Administrator is a default user name created during initial installation.) BusinessObjects Enterprise user names are not case sensitive, but user names with other authentication systems in Step 5 may be.
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Changing the CPU Share Allotment for a User
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Now that you have some background in how functions work, let s go through the list. Because the purpose of this chapter is to have you become familiar with the functions in the context of their use, the following is organized a little differently from the
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RPR is confined to a single ring, which limits its use as a general-purpose infrastructure technology. For a number of reasons, including the complexity of the IEEE 802.17 standard, multi-vendor interoperability has been slow to develop.
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Type of o1 is class myclass<int> Type of o2 is class myclass<int> Type of o3 is class myclass<double> o1 and o2 are the same type o1 and o3 are different types
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Chemistry: Matter and Change
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A. signal proteins. B. ribosomes. C. receptors. D. antennae. E. cell walls. 53. What do the Golgi apparatus and the endoplasmic reticulum have in
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
tutorial will continue to the export process now. It s simply a choice about your workflow whether to husk and weld the characters in one session, or to perform this process page by page.
Alternative Fuels Data Center
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Dolphin Vehicles
The help desk should work in conjunction with the project management team to give continuous status updates. These updates can take place through phone calls, e-mail, and an intranet. They should reflect user attitudes about the migration process in order for adjustments to be made.
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