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How to Get a Job
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If you re handing the document over to a third party to print because you don t have a specific printer hooked up to your computer, and you don t want them editing the document in any way. Print To File files are text-based printing instructions; they contain no graphics as graphics, so they are nearly impossible to edit using a graphics application. If (and this is a big if ) someone has specifically requested a Print To File document because they like the intellectual challenge of decoding the PostScript printing instructions to reconstruct the graphic using Ghostscript or a similar PostScript deciphering program.
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when the discriminant b2 4ac is 0 will be a consequence of the work we do below with partial fractions. We will say no more about it here.
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Only two arithmetic operations can be used on pointers: addition and subtraction. To understand what occurs in pointer arithmetic, let p1 be a pointer to an integer with a current value of 2000, and assume that integers are 4 bytes long. After the expression
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// A class for two-dimensional objects. class TwoDShape { public double Width; public double Height; public void ShowDim() { Console.WriteLine("Width and height are " + Width + " and " + Height); } }
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Creating a Multilevel Hierarchy
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7 AC Basics
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Amplifier Design
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One File System/Many Platforms
Use External Flash Use Filters to Enhance Images Creating Homemade Soft-Focus Filters
Natural Gas Nuclear Electric Power
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Context Switches
Convergence is a popular term used by merging digital technologies such as telecommunications, information technologies, broadcasting, and multimedia. It is clear that the term Convergence can also be properly used for the fusion of energy and information systems. This new technological and commercial environment will create vast new opportunities for everybody and especially for the power utilities. A new type of telecommunications and energy provider is growing out of a mixture of the old type monolithic telecommunications operators and old type power companies. This new type of operator is expected to gradually replace the existing ones. This business development implies that the integration of ICT in energy systems is a strategic technological area. Here, PLT may gain the edge. Current utility objectives are shown in Table 15-3 . Table 15-3: Comparative goals for the future with PLT Goal Cost Reduction Performance Issue Improve operational efficiency Increase productivity Improve asset utilization Outsource non-core functions
The buffer used by ctime( ) to hold the formatted output string is a statically allocated character array and is overwritten each time the function is called. If you wish to save the contents of the string, it is necessary to copy it elsewhere.
= exp( 2a + 3b 4c) .
TFTP is defined in RFC 1350 and uses UDP as a transport. The server listens on port 69 for client connections. You can t list files in a directory, move around directories, delete files, or even rename files: the only two operations that TFTP supports are reading and writing of files. (The RFC standard also supports mail functions, but no server product has yet implemented this feature.) TFTP is a little bit similar to passive mode FTP. When the client connects to the TFTP server, it chooses a random source port above 1023 and sends its first message to UDP port 69 on the server. The server then replies with a destination port, typically above 1023, that the client will use. All subsequent packets are then sent using the client original port number and the destination newly assigned port number. One side of the connection is the receiver and the other the sender, where the role depends upon whether a file is being read on the server or copied to the server. Data is sent in blocks of 512 bytes, where a packet that is smaller than 512 bytes indicates the termination of the connection. Also, every packet sent is acknowledged if an acknowledgment times out, the source resends the missing packet. A special error message can be any of the following: The request cannot be satisfied (like the file cannot be found, or an access violation occurs when trying to access the file). Receiving a duplicated packet or an incorrectly formatted packet. The resource is no longer available (like the disk drive was filled up on the server, or the file permissions were changed during transfer and the user no longer has access to the file).
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A new object of type T is created and a reference to it is assigned to obj. This statement is valid only because the new( ) constraint ensures that a constructor will be available. To prove this, try removing the new( ) constraint and then attempt to recompile the program. As you will see, an error will be reported. In Main( ), an object of type Test is instantiated, as shown here:
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