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ACL, you must specify either the name or number of the TCP/IP protocol you want to filter, like tcp, udp, icmp, and others. If Cisco doesn t have a name for a particular protocol, you can enter a number instead. To match on any TCP/IP packet, use a protocol name of ip. For a complete listing of IP protocol numbers, visit assignments/protocol-numbers. Following the IP protocol designation, you need to specify the source IP addressing information that you want to match on. The syntax for this was discussed previously in the Standard ACLs section. If you are filtering on TCP or UDP traffic, you can also specify the source port or ports you are interested in matching on. Following this is the destination address and, optionally, destination protocol information. If you are filtering TCP or UDP traffic, you can specify an operator and a port number or name to be specific about the traffic that is to be filtered. You can specify an operator and the port name or number, or a range of numbers. Operators include eq (equal to),
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int isatty(int handle)
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// Demonstrate exception handling. using System; class ExcDemo1 { static void Main() { int[] nums = new int[4]; try { Console.WriteLine("Before exception is generated."); // Generate an index out-of-bounds exception. nums[7] = 10; Console.WriteLine("this won't be displayed"); } catch (IndexOutOfRangeException) { // catch the exception Console.WriteLine("Index out-of-bounds!"); } Console.WriteLine("After catch block."); } }
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1. Using Numbers Average the times for each set of two trials. Record these values in Data
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high definition format presentations. They can also display 4:3 video with black bars on the sides a kind of sideways letterbox that is sometimes called a pillarbox and they also have display modes that enlarge the 4:3 video to fill their entire screen j Wide mode stretches the picture horizontally (see Figure 2.21). This is sometimes called full mode. This is the proper mode to use with anamorphic video, but it makes everything look short and fat when applied to 4:3 video. Some widescreen TVs have a parabolic or panorama version of wide mode, which uses nonlinear distortion to stretch the sides more and the center less, thus minimizing the apparent distortion. This mode should not be used with anamorphic DVD output or very strange fun-house-mirror effects will occur. Figure 2.21 Wide (full) Mode on a Widescreen TV
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Are You Making the Most of Yourself
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FIGURE 13.4. vibrations. Comparison of normalized rst-peak acceleration magnitudes for primary
Step by Step
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1. Importance: A bridge is a necessary but small part of a highway system. Its importance is linked to: The network of roads it serves The volume of traf c it carries Its relative importance to meet funding criteria and funding priority. 2. Inspection classi cation: For inspection purposes, many highway agencies have the following classi cations: Inventory: A bridge included in an inventory le when it carries moving loads. Collapsed: A bridge that once satis ed the inventory bridge de nition, but is now closed due to collapse. Closed: A closed bridge that once satis ed the inventory bridge de nition, but is now temporarily closed for any reason except collapse. Secondary uses such as pedestrian traf c may be allowed. Abandoned: A bridge that once satis ed the inventory bridge de nition, but is now permanently closed. Deleted: A bridge which has been deleted from the inventory. Temporary: A bridge that is used to maintain traf c during a modi cation or replacement. 3. Functions: In the U.S., bridges are located on one of the following networks and are classi ed as such: Type 1 Interstate Type 2 Arterial Type 3 Collector Type 4 Local Forty percent of all bridges serve local roads. Thirty-three percent serve interstate or arterial highways. Interstate bridges allow higher speeds. Interstates have express lanes but are thoroughfares with limited access and exits. Interstate and arterial bridges carry almost 90 percent of average daily traf c (ADT) for rural and urban areas. Twenty-seven percent of bridges serve collectors. Collectors collect and distribute traf c between arterials and local roads. They are typically two lane roads and provide for shorter trips at lower speeds. 4. Type of traf c: Each type has special requirements for varying live load impacts. Deck surfacing is made of timber, concrete, or steel deck: Type 1 Highway bridges carrying vehicular traf c Type 2 Transit and railroad bridges carrying train traf c Type 3 Pedestrian bridges Type 4 Equestrian bridges Type 5 Airport bridges carrying aircraft 5. Ownership Ownership governs design criteria and procedures for maintenance or reconstruction: Local government owned 51 percent State government owned 48 percent Federal government owned 1 percent
The C# Language
Method public static double Parse(string str, IFormatProvider fmtpvdr) public static double Parse(string str, NumberStyles styles)
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When illustrating or drawing based on a specific unit measure such as inches formatting your grid to match the Ruler unit measure can help a great deal. For example, if Rulers are set to display inches using a Tick Division of 8 per inch, setting the grid to a Frequency value of 8 vertical and 8 horizontal lines per inch causes grid lines to appear every eighth of an inch while using a Drawing Scale ratio of 1:1 (actual size).
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