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Bold and Italic These buttons on the Property Bar are shortcuts to defining a whole line of text or only selected characters as bold and italic members of the typeface shown in the Font Name box. If a specific font has no family members, CorelDRAW doesn t fake a bold or italic look, and the buttons are dimmed. If you need an italic treatment of a font that has no italic family member, a quick fix is to use the Transformation docker, and then to set Skew to about 12 to apply to the Artistic Text. Underline As mentioned in 13, an underline (sometimes called an underscore) is an effect available for every font you have installed you click the button when text is selected, and CorelDRAW renders an underline. You can modify the style of the underline to your choosing by pressing CTRL+T; then on the Character Formatting docker choose from the Character Effects | Underline dropdown list. If you don t see the preset you want, choose Edit from the list, and then build the underline width and style you need. Underlines are great for professional documents, particularly legal ones, but an underline isn t the tastiest way to emphasize a phrase in an advertisement (use a bold font instead, or a colored outline, or a gradient fill to attract attention artistically). Although Underlines are effects, they re very real, and if you convert an underlined phrase to curves (CTRL+Q), the underline becomes a simple object, with corner nodes and total nodes depending on how many characters you typed. Justification This drop-down list specifies how lines of text are aligned relative to one another. Although Justification will serve you best when using long columns of Paragraph Text, Artistic Text takes on a more polished look, too, when you apply, for example, Center justification to two or three lines. By default, there is no Justification for newly entered Artistic Text, but this is left-justified text. Full justification creates a splendid, professional look for columns of Paragraph Text, but tends to generate an awkward look for Artistic Text, because a line containing only one word with only a few characters has to take on very wide character spacing. Similarly, Right justification is not an everyday choice for audiences who read Western languages (from left to right) Right justification is a slow read, and hyphenations and line breaks between words usually look awkward. Right justification should be reserved for a page layout where the right edge of the text needs to align perfectly to the vertical of a graphic and the left side of the column can be flowing and freeform. Force Justify creates lines of text whose left and right edges are perfectly vertical, like Full Justify, with an important difference. Force justification gives equal emphasis to the spacing between characters; although it can sometimes create unsightly gaps in Paragraph Text (called rivers), it s usually a good alignment choice for correcting justified lines of text where there are too few words
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