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Bonding and protecting offers the advantage of greater wetted surface area for the lightning and radio grounds. On the other hand, proponents of the unbond-andisolate approach claim that the lightning ground strip or plate provides adequate ground for both lightning and SSB radio, and that electrochemical reactions at bonded wooden hull through-hulls dangerously soften the surrounding wood. The ABYC favors the bondand-protect approach, but speci cally states that electrically isolated through-hull ttings need not be bonded.
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Telephone line to local L2 exchange 2 wires
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By default the design surface of the report is blank and elements from the Toolbox can be placed on it. Oftentimes with OLAP data, the matrix control is used. This certainly isn t the only control that can be used and many reports of OLAP data are done using the table control, but the matrix is the most popular for dealing with multidimensional data. The matrix starts out with a single column, a single row, and a single cell for the data. Normally, the measure will go in the Data box, and additional boxes can be added if there are multiple measures. The developer can simply drag the measure from the Datasets window and drop it on the Data box in order to tie these two elements together. Similarly, dragging the Country field from the Datasets window, dropping it on the Rows, and then dragging Calendar_Year and dropping it on the Columns will set up the matrix to do some simple reporting. Figure 10-6 shows what the matrix looks like after the fields from the dataset have been tied to it, and the columns have been expanded to show all the text. Notice that the values all start with an equal sign; this is because nearly every property
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Ethernet UNI and Subscriber Demarcation
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A click-drag with the Pick Tool in any direction marquee-selects the objects that are completely surrounded.
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SDH and SONET Analyzers 722 Network Test Instrumentation
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Siemens Nixdorf DMS
Local User Profiles
assigned a button number in programming, and many remote controls enable the user to press the 1 through 9 keys on a menu to directly choose a button. Arrange the buttons in proper numerical order. Be careful with invisible buttons. On a disc with several menus and complex navigation, consider putting a number next to each button.
Zone 2 KB read = 436 +(3.15*(Srv 1)) KB read = 436 +(3.15*(Srv 1)) KB read = 436 +(3.15*(Srv 1))
/* Include file ONE: */ printf("This is from the first include file.\n"); #include "two"
The C# Language
where , , and are the three phase angles. So we see where the name threephase circuit originates. The phase sequence is determined by nding how the voltages lead or lag each other or the order in which the voltages reach their peak values. If the order in which they reach their peak values is v a v b v c , meaning that v a peaks rst followed by v b etc., we say that the phase sequence is positive. If the three voltages peak in any other order, we call it a negative phase sequence. This idea is illustrated in Fig. 12-1.
Forest Trusts
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