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As the comment indicates, this is not an error, because C++ automatically converts the character c into its double equivalent. Actually, in C++, very few type conversions of this sort are disallowed. While automatic type conversions are convenient, they are also a prime cause of ambiguity. Consider the following program:
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Figure 6-14. A Citrix EdgeSight daily report
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Your best bet for game job postings is individual publishers and developers web sites, because they will have the most detailed and up-to-the minute information. The problem is that there are a heck of a lot of them to look through. For collections of job postings in one place, you should also try some of the following:
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Introducing Classes, Objects, and Methods
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Digital Photography QuickStepsQuickStepsPoint-and-Shoot Photography Beyond PC Getting to Know Your PC
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Variables, Constants, Operators, and Expressions
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As the output shows, the value 100 is passed to Abort( ). This value is then accessed through the ExceptionState property of the ThreadAbortException caught by the thread when it is terminated.
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beverages often recommend that the beverage be used by a certain date. 2. In the early 1900s, Fritz Haber discovered a process to fix free nitrogen into useful nitrogen-containing compounds, such as
Electric vehicles are not difficult to build and they are easy to convert. There are so many reasons to convince you of the need to go electric: The cost of a gallon of gas Higher asthma rates Our need to reduce our reliance on imported oils The prospect of owning a car that is cost-effective, fun, and longer-lasting than most cars on the road today. Once again: How about the fact that you can convert an electric vehicle today Right now! And it would cost you less than some new cars on the market. There are so many television shows showing people tricking out their cars, adding better engines, or doing just about anything to make it go fast and be safe. Conversions of an electric vehicle do all that and more. They allow the next generation to have a safer world without relying on foreign sources of oil while giving our kids really clean and cool cars to drive. In very practical terms, the 2001 Porsche and the 1993 Ford Ranger pickup electric vehicle conversions shown in Figures 1-1 and 1-2 (which you ll learn how to convert in 11) goes 75 mph, gets 60 miles (or better) on a charge, uses conventional leadacid batteries and off-the-shelf components, and can be put together by almost anyone. Its batteries cost about $2,200 and last about three years, its conversion parts cost about $5,500 to $7,000, and it costs $1.25 to recharge, or fuel up. In New York terms, that s
Alarms group. This group covers threshold monitoring (where limits are set for variables and actual values exceed the limits), as well as trap generation when that threshold has been reached. Alarms can be set for various counters and packet match. Traps can start and stop packet capture. Hosts group. This group host table and statistical counters for packets, octets, broadcasts, multicasts, and error packets, plus a timetable of discovery. Host Top N. This group contains studies for a defined time period and a defined number of hosts, listing addresses of the top traffic generators for the study group. Traffic matrix group. This contains a matrix of MAC layer (layer 2) conversations. Information such as errors, packets, and octets are sorted by MAC address. Packet capture and filter groups. These two groups are used together. The packet capture group contains the packets that have been captured. Filters allow capture only of packets that meet certain specified criteria. Multiple instances can be created. Events. An event causes an agent to generate an unsolicited notification to a manager when an Alarms group threshold is exceeded. Logs all events with detailed information about the event. Token-Ring group. This group contains information specific to Token-Ring networks, such as ring order, ring station table, and packet size distribution for history studies.
Table 4-2 presents all the dimensions of the conversion trade-off: chassis, motor, controller, batteries, and charger versus OK, ideal, best, and unlimited money alternatives. If money is no object, you customize your chassis, add the latest powerful AC induction motor with custom controller, and tool around the countryside powered by nickel metal hydride or lithium polymer batteries towing your power-boost trailer. The rest of us have to take it a bit slower; our movement toward the best category can only proceed as fast as our pocketbooks allow: a pickup, readily-available series DC motor, Curtis PWM controller, lead-acid batteries, and an onboard 120-volt, 20-amp charger. Actually, anything from the OK or ideal column is acceptable. And while I am obviously prejudiced towards pickups, that doesn t mean you have to be. The point is, use what s available. DC motors, Curtis controllers, and lead-acid batteries are with us in abundance today and at a reasonable price. While not state of the art, they are proven to work, available from many sources, and you can get lots of help if something goes wrong. By starting with known quantities, your chances of initial success and satisfaction are very high. You can get up and running quickly. When you re ready for your next conversion, you can experiment a bit, push the outside of the envelope, etc. You know what it s all about, what s working, and where you d like to make the changes.
Users connecting to a Presentation Server environment can print to the following types of printers: Printers connected to ports on the user s client device on Windows, Windows CE, DOS, Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS platforms Virtual printers created for tasks such as printing from a PostScript driver to a file on a Windows client device Shared printers connected to print servers on a Windows network Printers connected directly to Presentation Servers
6: Information Asset Protection
17: Searching the FBI s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty
The DocumentName function returns the name of the Web Intelligence document.
2. Add the following code that puts user names into the queue: Console.WriteLine("Adding users to the network user queue.\n"); userQ.Enqueue("Eric"); userQ.Enqueue("Tom"); userQ.Enqueue("Ralph"); userQ.Enqueue("Ken"); 3. Add the code that removes one name at a time, which simulates granting access to the network.
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