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IEnumerable<T> and IEnumerator<T> are the generic equivalents of the non-generic IEnumerable and IEnumerator interfaces described earlier. They declare the same methods and properties, and work in the same way. Of course, the generic versions operate on data of the type specified by the type argument.
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AS A MATTER OF FACT When you paste a selection or layer into an image with a different resolution, the pasted image keeps its original size, which may appear too big or too small for the image you paste into. Fix the imbalance by using the Image | Resize | Image Size . command to make the source and destination images the same resolution before copying and pasting. If you forget to resize before pasting an image, hook its handles and drag the image to its new size.
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Next I ll configure the failover commands for the primary, using E0/2 as the LBF interface:
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SLAs to different customers. By layering services on MPLS LSPs, the EoMPLS model also offers a means of aggregating QoS reservations through the network core.
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Interoperability testing is the next logical step after conformance testing. While conformance testing can increase confidence that system A conforms to specification X and that system B also conforms to specification X, interoperability testing evaluates the extent to which systems A and B actually can work with one another. Figure 6.2 illustrates the major steps of the interoperability testing process: 1. By extrapolating the specification under real-life situations, Test Purposes are defined and an ATS is written. 2. From this ATS, an Executable Test Suite (ETS) is implemented. 3. The ETS is executed on a protocol analyzer against two or more Systems Under Test (SUTs). 4. A Test Report is generated from this test campaign (process) which again might uncover errors in an SUT. Interoperability testing has several points in common with conformance testing. At first glance the ATCs and ATSs of both test types appear similar. The main difference between them is that interoperability testing verifies several SUTs at the same time (Figure 6.3). The processes of implementing the ATS and running the ETS are the same. An interoperability test results in one of the same three verdicts: Pass, Fail, or Inconclusive. Finally, Test Reports present results in a similar fashion.
signal strength, in dBm, available from the receiver s output into the modem or detector input gain, in dB, of the entire receiver stage including filters, conversions, and amplifiers from the front end to the output into the modem or detector stage loss of the coax cable, in dB, between the receiver s antenna and its front end (presented as a positive number only) noise figure of the receiver, dB 6-dB bandwidth of the IF (or, more accurately, the noise bandwidth), Hz
Some professional writers say that they write their last sentence rst so they ll always know where they re heading. It s an interesting approach. Think about it this way: You expressed your purpose in writing as a statement of action your objective. By writing the end rst, you can use it to guide you as you write your communication. For example, if your objective is to have all team members submit their activity reports by the 15th of the month, you might consider closing your message by saying Your activity reports are due no later than March 15. Notice what we didn t say: If you have any questions, please feel free to call. This is a clich and ineffective. If, in fact, you want to end with a statement like that, make it speci c: If you have any questions, I m available at (phone number here) between 2:00 and 4:00 most afternoons. Speci city adds interest and encourages action. The following three approaches to closing your communications are proven techniques: 1. Give a speci c action instruction. 2. End with a question. 3. Close where it ends naturally. Select the style of closing that s appropriate for the media, your objective, and your personal style. Tell Your Readers What to Do Next Giving a speci c action instruction increases the likelihood that your readers will act.
NOTE Google also offers development tools for offline viewing of online documents. We talk about
Tested in Form Factor 4.0
Web Servers for Various Microsoft Windows Operating System Flavors
learn the basic concepts of cell theory. learn the structures of the cell and their functions. learn the relationship between biomolecules and cell structures.
// Objects are passed by reference. using System; class Test { public int a, b; public Test(int i, int j) { a = i; b = j; } /* Pass an object. Now, ob.a and ob.b in object used in the call will be changed. */ public void Change(Test ob) { ob.a = ob.a + ob.b; ob.b = -ob.b; } }
High-tech concrete is just one of the products that has emerged from the research and development labs of cement, steel, and chemicals rms this decade, and it signals a growing commitment by heavy industry to the notion of sustainability. UHPC mix designs typically include no aggregates larger than sand, and include steel bers 0.2 mm in diameter and 13 mm in length. These steel bers and the special mix design increase the strength and toughness of the UHPC signi cantly relative to more traditional concretes.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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