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Part Two
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100 MHz
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This solution set is depicted in Figure 4.2, and represents well over 90 percent of the solutions being currently deployed. The corresponding chapters addressing the respective solution are also noted; the figure also attempts to capture the level of functionality typically present in a solution (i.e., transport, switching, routing etc.) as well as the underlying physical transmission media. These solutions are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and in fact, it is not unusual to have multiple, complementary solutions deployed in a single Service Provider network. For example, a Service Provider offering E-LAN services in the MAN may use a Bridging/Switching solution, but they may also use a WDM solution to extend the distances covered. In some cases, of course, these individual solutions may be part of the same commercial solution, for example, a bridge/switch using WDM cards.
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An RF connector is a part that is adopted to obtain a permanent or temporary connection for the transferring of RF energy from one circuit or cable to the next, preferably at a constant impedance. All connectors will have a finite lifetime. Indeed, some high-frequency, highprecision units must be discarded after as little as 100 connects/disconnects. This limitation is due to wear between the two mating surfaces causing a change in the connector s geometry, thus increasing the insertion loss and decreasing the return loss. Any connector that must function reliably out of doors in the wind, rain, ice, and snow should be specifically made for this type of abuse, and must be properly shielded. If not, corrosion will cause damage, sometimes quite rapidly, decreasing the connector s rated specifications.
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What Is Meant by Carrier-Grade
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WCCP Configuration Example
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present in recordings, the compact disc improved the signal-to-noise ratio substantially. Levels jumped from 50 or 60 dB to over a 100 dB. This jump was signi cant enough to be immediately noticeable to anyone listening to a piece of music not just audiophiles. Consumers ocked to the medium in record numbers and the compact disc industry became the most rapidly growing communication technology ever introduced. This achievement has only recently been eclipsed by the meteoric rise of DVD. By the end of 1999, DVD player manufacturers had sold about ten times as many units (close to 5,000,000) as had CD player manufacturers within the same introductory time frame. The compact disc had another major advantage over vinyl records: a long life-span. Vinyl record playback relies on a stylus that physically travels over a series of bumps and indentations, converting this microscopic topography into an electronic signal, which is then converted into sound waves. In comparison, the laser read head of a CD player scans the disc surface optically. Since the laser beam re ects off the surface, but never touches it, no wear to the disc occurs. Audiophiles tired of listening to their music collections gradually picking up snaps and pops and clicks over the years could enjoy recordings that remained unchanged through thousands of playings. Though some critics commented on the cold, metallic quality of the sound in comparison to analog recordings, the public found the advantages of the medium persuasive and began scrapping their vinyl collections in favor of CDs. Arguments as to the relative merits of analog versus digital sound continue to this day. There is clearly a perceptual difference between the characteristics of these two forms of audio recording and playback; whether this difference is signi cant enough to seriously affect the enjoyment of recorded music is part of the running debate. The same engineers who wrestled with the issues surrounding the digital storage of music began to adapt the storage techniques so that they could be applied to data. One of the most signi cant problems was the approach to error correction and data integrity. The correction codes required on a music CD are minimal. If a disc gets scratched and several hundred bits become unreadable, the playback units can extrapolate from the surrounding data and basically ll in the missing information so that there are no audible artifacts. Computer data is not so forgiving. A single byte missing from an application program could make the program unusable, so preventing any data loss becomes absolutely critical to the usefulness of the medium. The solution would require a new format with expanded codes that could protect data integrity more effectively.
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Unlike transmit load balancing, you can configure Fast Ether Channel (FEC) to increase both transmitting and receiving channels between the server and switch. For example, an FEC team containing two Fast Ethernet adapters configured for full-duplex operation provides an aggregate maximum transmit rate of 200 Mbps and an aggregate maximum receive rate of 200 Mbps, resulting in a total bandwidth of 400 Mbps. All adapters are configured for transmit and receive, with the load spread roughly equal. FEC works only with FEC-enabled switches. The FEC software continuously analyzes load on each adapter and balances network traffic across the adapters as needed. Adapter teams configured for FEC not only provide additional throughput and redundancy, but also provide the benefits of Network Fault Tolerance (NFT). The switch ports should also be manually configured to support this configuration, so autosensed aggregation does not occur. For more information, please see Citrix Knowledge Base article CTX434260 and/or contact your hardware vendor.
configuration on only the DHCP servers, and when the clients either reboot or must renew their addressing information, they ll acquire the addressing information from the new addressing scheme. As mentioned, DHCP contains two types of devices: servers and clients. Cisco IOS routers support both functions. Servers are responsible for assigning addressing information to clients, and clients request addressing information from servers. A DHCP server can use three mechanisms, which are described in Table 6-3, when allocating address information. Most DHCP implementations use the dynamic allocation type. When acquiring addressing information, a DHCP client goes through four steps: 1. A client generates a DHCPDISCOVER local broadcast to discover who the DHCP servers are on the LAN segment. 2. All DHCP servers on the segment can respond to the client with a DHCPOFFER unicast message, which offers IP addressing information to the client. If a client receives messages from multiple servers, it chooses one (typically the first one). DHCPOFFER server messages include the following information: IP address of the client, subnet mask of the segment, IP address of the default gateway, DNS domain name, DNS server address or addresses, WINS server address or addresses, and TFTP server address or addresses. Note that this is not an all-encompassing list. 3. Upon choosing one of the offers, the client responds to the corresponding server with a DHCPREQUEST message, telling the server that it wants to use the addressing information the server sent. If only one server is available and the server s information conflicts with the client s configuration, the client will respond with a DHCPDECLINE message.
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Figure 9-9 Antepartum fetal heart rate tracings at 28 weeks gestation in woman with diabetic ketoacidosis. A. During maternal and fetal acidemia B. Return of normal accelerations. (Reproduced, with permission, from Cunnigham FG et al: Williams Obstetrics, 22nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005:378.)
Chemistry: Matter and Change 24
Failing Signal
RH is equal to whichever source or load resistance is larger, RL or RS. 2. Find XP2 and XS2 by: XP2 RL Q 58 10 5.8 ohms and XS2 Q"R" 5.7 ohms
local area network (LAN) A network that connects computers and devices together in a small building or a residence. logic bomb A set of instructions that is designed to perform some damaging action when a specific event occurs; a popular example is a time bomb that alters or destroys data on a specified date in the future. logical network architecture The part of network architecture concerned with the depiction of network communications at a local, campus, regional, and global level. loopback address The IP address (or any other address in the entire 127 address block). A packet sent to a loopback address is sent to the station that originated it. machine authentication controls Access controls that are used to authenticate a device to determine if it will be permitted to access resources. main storage A computer s short-term storage of information, usually implemented with electronic components such as random access memory (RAM). mainframe A large central computer capable of performing complex tasks for several users simultaneously. malware The broad class of programs that are designed to inflict harm on computers, networks, or information. Types of malware include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and root kits. man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack An attack that is used to take over communications that are taking place between two parties. Here, an attacker intercepts communications being sent from one party to another and injects new, altered communications in their place. The attacker must be able to impersonate each party in the communication so that each party believes it is talking directly with the other party. man-made disaster A disaster that is directly or indirectly caused by human activity, through action or inaction. See also disaster. mandatory access control (MAC) An access model used to control access to objects (files, directories, databases, systems, networks, and so on) by subjects (persons, programs, etc.). When a subject attempts to access an object, the operating system examines the access properties of the subject and object to determine if the access should be allowed. The operating system then permits or denies the requested access. mandatory vacation A policy established by some organizations that requires each employee to take a vacation every year. manual control A control that requires a human to operate it. marking The act of affixing a classification label to a document.
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