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Safety Precautions
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One of the main reasons that Cisco is number one in the enterprise networking marketplace is its Internetwork Operating System (IOS). The IOS provides a function similar to that provided by Microsoft Windows XP or Linux: it controls and manages the hardware on which it is running. Basically, the IOS provides the interface between you and the hardware, enabling you to execute commands to configure and manage your Cisco device. Originally, the IOS was developed for Cisco routers, but over the last few years, Cisco has been porting the IOS to its other platforms, including the Catalyst switches. Cisco has spent many years tweaking and tuning the IOS, and it has added new features as new technologies are introduced to the marketplace. Following are some advantages of the IOS:
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This fragment creates a temporary working file:
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The #undef directive removes a previously defined definition of the macro name that follows it. That is, it undefines a macro. Its general form is #undef macro-name
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// Search for 14. int idx = Array.BinarySearch(nums, 14); Console.WriteLine("Index of 14 is " + idx); } }
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The correct answer is d. It is the only alternative where the meaning is clear and the construction isn t awkward.
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
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Ethernet in the LAN 1998 1995
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deluge A fire sprinkler system that has dry pipes, and all of the sprinkler heads are open. When the system is operated (for instance, when an alarm is triggered), water flows into the pipes and out of all of the sprinkler heads. See also fire sprinkler system. denial of service (DoS) An attack on a computer or network with the intention of causing disruption or malfunction of the target. desktop computer A computer used by an individual end user and located at the user s workspace. detection risk The risk that an IS auditor will overlook errors or exceptions during an audit. detective control A control that is used to detect events.
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Program Control Statements
Figure 3.92 A high-frequency Class C power amplifier.
Advantages of Routers
Data Communications Basics 12 Introduction to Network Technologies and Performance
Installing the Application
removed. To unlock a file use unlock( ). These functions provide control for file sharing in network environments. The file to be locked is associated with handle. The portion of the file to be locked is determined by the starting offset from the beginning of the file and the length. If lock( ) is successful, 0 is returned. Upon failure, 1 is returned.
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There are two types of risk assessment: qualitative and quantitative. A qualitative risk assessment rates risks as high-medium-low, whereas a quantitative risk analysis rates risks in terms of actual probabilities and costs. A quantitative risk assessment is considerably more difficult and time-consuming to perform, since it can be difficult to ascertain reasonable probabilities of threats and their financial impact. However, when seriously considering measures to reduce risk on the highest-risk areas in the assessment, sometimes it makes sense to perform some quantitative risk assessment in order to verify which investments are the ones that will make the most difference. Risk Treatment Once risks have been identified, risk treatment is the term that describes the action taken to address them. There are four possible avenues for risk treatment: Risk reduction This involves making changes to processes, procedures, systems, or controls that will reduce either the probability of a threat or its impact. For example, if the risk assessment identifies a threat of a SQL injection attack on an application, the organization can reduce risk by implementing an application firewall that will block such attacks. Risk transfer This typically involves the use of insurance, which is used to compensate the organization for the financial losses or damages that will occur if the threat were realized. For example, the organization can transfer the risk of a denial of service attack by purchasing a cyberinsurance policy that would compensate the organization if such an attack were to occur. Risk avoidance Here, the organization will cease the activity associated with the risk. For instance, if the risk assessment identifies risks associated with the implementation of an e-commerce capability, the organization might choose to abandon this idea, thereby avoiding e-commerce related risk. Risk acceptance In this case, the organization feels that the risk is acceptable and that no measures need to be taken to reduce the risk further. Rarely does an organization make a decision that fits entirely within a single risk treatment category. Rather, risk treatment is usually a blended approach, where, for instance, measures are taken to reduce risk; however, even a combination of measures rarely eliminates all risk there is usually some risk left over after some risk treatment is performed. This leftover risk is known as residual risk. And like the dirt that can t be picked up with a broom and dustpan, the leftover risk is usually accepted.
Reporting and Analysis
6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases
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