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Here are several commonly used, read-only properties defined by Type:
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One other point about the preceding example. As mentioned, Sqrt( ) is a member of the Math class. Notice how Sqrt( ) is called; it is preceded by the name Math. This is similar to the way Console precedes WriteLine( ). Although not all standard methods are called by specifying their class name first, several are, as the next example shows. The following program demonstrates several of C# s trigonometric functions, which are also part of C# s math library. They also operate on double data. The program displays the sine, cosine, and tangent for the angles (measured in radians) from 0.1 to 1.0.
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going to Monitoring | Logging. The former shows a near-real-time update of log messages in the appliance memory (buffer). When going to Monitoring | Logging, you can open a separate pop-up window where you can view the information in the current buffer or in a window where you can view a near-real-time update of log messages. Figure 27-36 shows the log messages in the appliance buffer. One handy feature about logging in the pop-up window is that you can click a particular log message and see an explanation of it in the bottom pane. TIP Another nice feature of ASDM logging is that for certain log messages that deal with ACL matches, you can select the log message, and click the Create Rule toolbar button at the top of the middle pane to create an appropriate ACL entry to permit (or deny) the traffic in question.
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TABLE 24-11 The Methods De ned by IList<T>
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Viewing Configurations
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A useful way to measure PDL is simply to measure the loss through a device as the input polarization is varied over all possible values. To control the input polarization, we can take advantage of the strain-induced birefringence in a loop of optical fiber. Bending the fiber induces a uniform strain throughout the loop, resulting in the loop acting as a linear birefringence or waveplate. By rotating the fiber loop to change the orientation of the birefringence, the output polarization can be varied. An arrangement of three successive fiber loops is called a polarization adjuster because it allows any input polarization to be transformed into any desired output polarization according to the orientations of the three loops. In theory, two loops would suffice if they were of precisely the correct diameters for the appropriate wavelength; in practice, three loops are used to allow for variations in diameter, fiber construction, and wavelength. When the fiber cable diameter is 1 mm or less and at least a meter of fiber can be handled free of any enclosures, a useful polarization adjuster can be improvised by holding two or three loops of fiber in a coil approximately 5 cm in diameter. By rotating the orientation of this coil in the hand, the transmitted state of polarization can be crudely adjusted. Slightly more sophisticated polarization adjusters are commonly made up of three rotatable paddles, usually held in place by friction and adjustable by hand. When a coil of fiber is attached to each paddle, the three paddles can be set repeatably to cause the transmitted signal to match any desired polarization.
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The utilization of an emergency or standby generator is essential when considering power outages that may affect a data center. Outages caused by the local utility that last no longer than 15 minutes will typically be supported by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, a standby emergency generator is necessary to support longer outages. Each component has a power rating, usually in watts, that it requires for continuous use. At best, inadequate power will strain the power supply of the component. At worst, it will cause a production failure and likely corrupt data. If the facility has a UPS, it must have adequate capacity now as well as the ability to handle future growth plans. Another consideration is, how long can the UPS keep the systems running in the event of a sustained power failure Is there a backup generator Does it run on natural gas or fuel If it is a fuel-based generator, how many gallons of fuel will it support, and how many hours of operation will that yield, and how quickly can you get more fuel to it During a power failure, it may be difficult to gracefully shut down all of the servers and equipment. Liebert, Tripp Lite, American Power Conversion (APC), and other vendors provide good data center solutions, including software and hardware components for power backup, generator switchover, and server shutdown. Assessing Your Power Requirements The first step in assessing the actual power requirements and the resulting UPS/generator need is to estimate the load. This is done in slightly different ways for different equipment, but it comes down to estimating the operating voltage, the load (in watts), and a factor for how often the unit is in operation at this voltage and load sometimes called a power factor. Here s an example for a high-end server: Operating voltage = 120 volts; load = 400 watts; power factor = 0.75 (it is in continuous operation at nearly peak utilization) This information should be readily available from the server manufacturer either in printed documentation or from their website. A company should collect and total this information for all of their equipment. Using this example, 15 servers would require 4,500 watts (400 * 0.75 * 15), plus a safety factor in case multiple servers suddenly run at peak loads (5,000 to 5,200 watts would be wise).
VBA provides the programmer with a strong method of handling many similar objects as one object a collection. Say that you have selected ten shapes in CorelDRAW, and you run a script that starts like this:
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SOLUTION We know that B(t) = P eKt . The algebra is always simpler if we take one of the times in the initial data to correspond to t = 0. So let us say that 9:00 p.m. is t = 0. Then 11:00 p.m. is t = 2 and 7:00 p.m. is t = 2. The initial data then tell us that 6000 = P eK 0 10000 = P e
1. Relational database diagrams do not use names for relationships. Instead foreign keys represent relationships. The E R D notation does not use foreign keys. For example,
needs to be mirrored so that when the inkjet page is ironed onto the shirt, it reverses back again to legibility. Click the Mirror Horizontally button on the Property Bar, which is easy enough to undo later if your logo is needed for a promotion other than T-shirts. See the next illustration.
19: Basic Routing
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