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but is theoretically available in XI Release 2. However, the SQL generated is sometimes different between Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence. In XI Release 2, the SQL generated by either interface will correctly use the foreign key when the query involves a measure from the fact table and the filter value is chosen from a list of values. When the filter value Blazer is manually entered, then the key field is not used. Also, when the query simply involves a dimension table for a list of products, for example, then Desktop Intelligence will use the primary key field to filter the query whereas Web Intelligence does not. I have encountered numerous problems in Web Intelligence with list of values for objects that use these key settings. Therefore, I do not recommend using this feature if your query environment will be Web Intelligence until the vendor has fixed in a service pack or hot fix later than SP1.
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For more information on the preceding commands, see 10. TIP When setting up a class map for CSC traffic inspection, I recommend that you use an ACL to match on only the protocols the card supports. To illustrate the configuration of a CSC policy for the ASAs, examine the network shown in Figure 25-2. In this example, all internal users traffic that is HTTP, SMTP, and POP3 should be examined by the card; the exception to this is web traffic to the DMZ web server. Also, e-mail traffic sent to the e-mail server from the outside should be examined. Here s the configuration to accomplish this policy:
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The coefficient of drag, Cd, has to do with streamlining and air turbulence flows around your vehicle, characteristics that are inherent in the shape and design of the conversion vehicle you choose. Cd is not easily affected or changed later, so if you re optimizing for either high-speed or long-range performance goals, it s important that you keep this critical performance factor foremost in your mind when selecting your conversion vehicle. Figure 5-4 shows the value of Cd for different shapes and types of vehicles. Notice that Cd has declined significantly with the passage of time the 1920s Ford sedan
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Start Caught Exception #: 1 Caught Exception #: 2 Caught Exception #: 3 End
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The service provider pays for equipment and maintenance.
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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Analysis with PerformancePoint Server Analysis with ProClarity Summary
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Classes of Attacks
Low-frequency transformer coupling (Fig. 3.114) employing laminated iron cores is adopted for low-frequency AC. This method, because of the interstage transformer, will not pass the DC bias, and can also be used to match the relatively high output impedance of Q1 to the low input impedance of Q2. One end of the transformer s secondary is connected to the base of Q2, while the other end is connected to the top of Q2 s bias resistor R6. The signal being amplified by Q1, and being output from T1, will then subtract from or add to the base bias. This results in a varying base current, which causes a much higher amplitude collector current, creating amplification at the output of Q2. However, since a low-frequency iron-core transformer is both expensive and heavy, this coupling method is rarely found today in most audio coupling applications. High-frequency transformer coupling (Fig. 3.115) with tuned circuits, employing ferrite, powdered-iron, and air cores, is not as popular as it once was because of the expense and size of the transformer, but can still be found in some RF and IF amplifiers up to a maximum frequency of 150 MHz. Transformers provide the required impedance matching for the efficient and maximum power transfer between amplifier stages, and block the DC bias from stage to stage as well. These transformers function the same as the lowfrequency iron core transformers above, except for the frequency-selective narrowband resonant tanks formed by C2 and the primary of T1, as well as C3 and the secondary of T1.
Many applications support layer 7 policy maps, commonly called inspection policy maps. These maps allow you to define policies you want the appliance to enforce based on what s inside the payload of certain packets. To create a layer 7 policy map, use the policy-map type inspect command, shown here:
As you can see, even though two objects are of the same template class type, if their parameterized data does not match, they are not equivalent types. In the program, o1 is of type myclass<int> and o3 is of type myclass<double>. Thus, they are of different types. Here is one more example that applies typeid to template classes. It is a modified version of the figures program from the previous section. In this case, figure has been converted into a template class.
3. Click the New Layer button. A new layer named Layer 2 appears above your active
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Resiliency Network capacity Scalability
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