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Testing all protocol layers is of prime importance when the wireless network is to be built using equipment from multiple vendors. Due to different implementations of certain features, the interconnection of equipment from multiple vendors has to be tested more rigorously than if two pieces of equipment from a single vendor were to be tested. In these cases the test harness must be flexible enough to emulate equipment from various manufacturers. The HP 37900 is a test instrument capable of this function.
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Notice that the summation process is handled entirely within the for statement and no body is needed. Pay special attention to the iteration expression:
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If MsgBox (""Do you want to hear a beep "", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then Beep
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FIGURE 2.17. Automotive camshaft characteristic curves (preliminary design). (Courtesy Elgin Cam Company, Redwood City, Calif.) (Note, nal design will have no dip.)
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The basic error-detection process involves comparing the incoming data stream from the item under test with a reference pattern in an exclusive-OR gate. When both data patterns are identical and synchronized, the exclusive-OR gives zero output. When a difference exists, i.e., when an error is present in the received stream, an output is generated as shown in Figure 26.10. This simple circuit will detect all logic errors. An additional feature allows errored 1s and errored 0s to be counted separately. Error mechanisms in some devices, such as laser transmitters, lead to predominance of one polarity over the other. A further refinement available on some instruments allows the user to identify the exact bit within a long word pattern that is in error. Error generation often is systematic, that is, it is caused by inherent deterministic impairments in the equipment such as intersymbol interference, storage effects, and delay-line reflections. A particular sequence of bits in the pattern creates a high probability of error in a subsequent
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Subscriber Installation and Terminal Devices
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Cable Application
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The acceleration boundary conditions give: 8p h 16p 2 4p q p = -C3 + sin 2 3 b 3 q = b b 9b 2
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Farm Maintenance
The jittered clock signal is fed into a phase comparator, where the phase of the significant instants is compared with a stable reference clock. The phase comparator produces an output voltage that is proportional to the phase difference between the input jittered clock and the reference clock. This output voltage is sometimes called the demodulated jitter waveform; the stable reference is derived from it by filtering with a very narrow-band low-pass filter (cutoff frequency typically 5 Hz or lower) to produce a long-term averaged control voltage for a voltage-controlled oscillator. The rest of the demodulated jitter waveform is selected by a high-pass filter and made available for further analysis. Three main types of measurements can be performed on jitter waveforms. These are jitter frequency spectrum analysis, jitter amplitude measurements, and rootmean-square measurements. Spectrum analysis is simply splitting the waveform up into its frequency components; this may be a way of identifying the major sources of jitter in operational equipment under development. Jitter amplitude measurements use a peak detector to record the maximum amplitude of jitter that occurs during a specified period. There may be peak-to-peak, positive-peak, and negative-peak values, since jitter waveforms are rarely symmetrical. Root-mean-square measurements are really a measurement of the power in the demodulated jitter waveform using an RMS voltmeter; power would seem to be a meaningless concept, however, when associated with a phase difference. What are the units with which jitter is measured Jitter frequency is measured in the familiar unit hertz. Jitter amplitude is measured in a variety of units, the most common of which is the Unit Interval (UI), which is defined as the nominal time for the transmission of one binary digit. Suppose the nominal bit rate of a transmitted signal is 2048 kbps. The nominal time for the transmission of a binary digit is 1/2048 103 or 0.488 ms. If there is jitter present on this signal with a phase deviation of 1 ms peak-to-peak, the amplitude could be expressed in Unit Intervals as 1/0.488, or 2.05 UI. Notice that we also expressed the jitter amplitude in units of time in this example. The advantage of using the Unit Interval as the unit of measurement is that it is normalized in other words, not dependent on the bit rate and we therefore can compare jitter amplitude at different levels in a digital hierarchy directly when they are expressed in this way.
Creating Named ACLs
the routing table: show ip route.
Exploring the C# Library
White Balance tool
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Binding Options selector
Zero-Input Response Stability
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