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~Base() { cout << "Base destroyed\n\n"; } }; class D_class1 : public Base { public: D_class1() { cout << "D_class1 created\n"; } ~D_class1() { cout << "D_class1 destroyed\n"; } }; int main() { D_class1 d1; cout << "\n"; return 0; }
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The custom options for all users running the Program Neighborhood Agent on a network are defined in a configuration file stored on the server running Citrix Web Interface. The client reads the configuration data from the server when a user launches the PN Agent, and updates the configuration data automatically at specified intervals. This allows the client to dynamically display the options the administrator wants the user to see based on the data received. The settings configured using the Web Interface site affect all users who read from this configuration file. A default configuration file, config.xml, is installed with default settings and is ready for use without modification in most network environments. However, you can edit this file, or create multiple configuration files, using the Program Neighborhood Web Interface site. This allows you to add or remove a particular option for users quickly and to easily manage and control users displays from a single location. The default configuration file, config.xml, is placed in the \Inetpub\wwwroot\ Citrix\PNAgent\conf directory on the server running the Web Interface during the installation process. New and backup configuration files created using the PN Agent Admin tool are stored in the same folder as the default configuration file. The data configuration files serve two purposes: To point clients to the servers that run users published resources To control the properties on users local desktops, thereby defining what tabs and options users can customize
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Biometric system components and flow diagram
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The link directive tells the compiler to add a file into the executable file. It has the general form: #pragma link "filename
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2. What gas was released during the chemical reaction
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Focus more on the feelings and needs of others than on themselves
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Project: $150 Million Residence This project involves a 720,000-ft2 12-level CIP concrete structure. See Fig. 5.3.2. In December 2006, I received a request to estimate the drywall, CMU, and interior painting scopes for a new medical office building with underground parking. I made the decision to use model-based estimating tools for this exercise. The times required to complete these estimates were a bit longer than those using current methods, but the results were very accurate and provided a strong visual basis with which to scope these contracts. Accurately estimating walls in a parking structure with varying floor slopes and ceiling heights is difficult using 2D drawings. This is not so with a 3D model. In fact, the CMU subcontractor agreed to reduce his price significantly after reviewing the completed model and resulting quantities. See Fig. 5.3.3. Figure 5.3.3 New MOB with underground parking. (Image courtesy of Turner Construction, Seattle, Washington.)
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Law enforcement, immigration authorities, and emergency medical personnel will be issued with mobile card-reading units to read the data on the smart cards. This mobile capability will facilitate, among other things, identity verification using biometrics and access to relevant databases, for example, medical information for an unconscious patient. Current uses include expedited entry/exit at immigration checkpoints using unmanned automated gates, currently available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and other international entry/exit points. (Go to http://www for more information.) Future applications currently being tested include incorporating bank ATM functionality and transit card functionality to pay highway tolls, parking, and an integrated ticketing system for train and bus travel. These future applications are being developed under the Payment Multi-Purpose Card (PMPC) project. Some banks have already tested the PMPC card. The visionary plan is for the GMPC and PMPC functionalities to be merged eventually. Thus, the ultimate objective of the GMPC is to provide a one-stop service center to provide a secure, single common platform for present and future public and private sector applications.
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null, that employee is not a programmer. Otherwise, the print( ) function for that object is invoked. The output produced by this program is shown here:
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TwoDShape shape = new TwoDShape(); shape.Width = 10; shape.Height = 20; shape.ShowDim();
How to Get a Job Making Video Games
1. Stress management may be de ned as measuring the minutest change in length as a ratio of the original length, multiplying strain by modulus of elasticity or rupture of the material and making sure that the resulting stress does not exceed the bond between atomic particles. 2. Elongation gives rise to strain, which results in stress. Excessive elongation or shortening observed at a given cross section is likely to cause separation of the atomic level bond between particles. Failures are a result of stresses and strains exceeding the allowable resistance of materials. Strains can be axial strain or bending strain. Axial strain results from a linear change in length while bending strain is due to de ection, rotation, and curvature at the section being considered. Hence, all failures emanate from a deformation, which is a physical change in length or rotation. 3. As stated, a change in length gives rise to a nite strain, which in turn causes a certain type of stress. Hence, axial force gives rise to axial stress, shear force to shear stress, bending moment to bending stress, and torsion to equivalent shear stress. When bending stress and shear stress act in the same plane (e.g., in a vertical plane or deep beam) they can be combined together as a principal stress acting in the resultant principal plane. In a column subjected to bending moment, axial stress can be added to bending stress since both act in the same direction. At failure, the critical state of stress can be due to elongation, which is causing maximum principal stress, principal strain, shear stress, and shear strain energy or total strain energy. Deductive reasoning concludes that external work done will have exceeded the internal strain energy. 1. Review the fundamentals of analysis: The objective is to evaluate correct de ection and stress under load and make the design safe enough for the life of the structure. 2. Analyze the superstructure (deck slab, parapets, and beams) and the substructure (bearings, abutment, and piers) separately. 3. Analyze the superstructure and the substructure as a combined structure (in particular, integral abutment bridges or arches). 4. Use reduced allowable strength in design due to fatigue stresses: Speci cations review is usually based on AASHTO LRFD and state codes.
Cloud Computing at Work
NOTE We ll take a closer look at Amazon and other cloud providers in the next chapter.
= x sin x ( cos x) + C = x sin x + cos x + C .
FIGURE 29-11
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