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Educational Institutions IGDA Curriculum Framework
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Evaluate the integrity of the existing shoulders to determine if any improvements will be required prior to shifting traf c onto them. Review existing accident information to determine if any speci c type of vehicular accidents may affect the proposed staging plans. Traf c control plans will be prepared in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traf c Control Devices (MUTCD) so that they will be comprehensive and clear in delineating how the traf c control is to be accomplished. Maintenance of pedestrian access will be included in the traf c control plans. The use of various multi-media outlets should be considered for this project. Develop construction schedule to account for work hour restrictions during Christmas and other holidays.
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Figure 27-1: The SONET frame 810 bytes 8 bits/byte 8000 frames/sec = 51.84 Mbps
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Part I:
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The point Z is 5 units to the right of the y-axis and 4 units above the x-axis. Therefore its coordinates are (5, 4). The point W is 6 units to the left of the y-axis and 5 units below the x-axis. Therefore its coordinates are ( 6, 5). You Try It: Sketch the points (3, 5), (2, 4), ( , /3) on a set of axes. Sketch the set {(x, y): x = 3} on another set of axes. EXAMPLE 1.6
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Notice that count is a local variable declared in Main( ) that is initialized to zero. Next, a loop is started that calls kevt.OnKeyPress( ) when a key is pressed. This causes the registered event handlers to be notified. When the loop ends, the number of keypresses is displayed. Although quite simple, this example illustrates the essence of event handling. The same basic approach will be used for other event handling situations. Of course, in some cases, anonymous event handlers will not be appropriate and named methods will need to be employed.
Setting up the software will depend, of course, on which application you are using to monitor your Smart Home and manage your devices. The following steps show how to set up a webcam with the Web-Link II package. For more information about this particular piece of software, flip back to 7.
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latent prints and silicone fingers. To lift the latent prints, the team first dusted the prints with toner from a laser printer cartridge, and then lifted them using adhesive tape. Next, they transferred the adhesive images to transparency material using a photocopier. By wetting the ink side of the transparency and placing it on the scanning platen, they were able to break into a couple of the devices they were testing. The silicone fingers were made using a wax mold and a thin layer of silicone. Finally, c t magazine s article, Body Check: Biometrics Defeated, outlines even more methods to outfox the latest commercial biometric systems.5 In addition to spoofing fingerprints with water-filled plastic bags, the team used short video clips played back on a laptop to fool facial recognition software. They also managed to fool iris recognition software using a simple printed image of an iris with a small hole cut out for the real pupil of the adversary. These aren t new threats and they have been acknowledged and addressed in the United Kingdom and Department of Defense Common Criteria biometric protection profiles as potential threats to biometric systems. Important to realize, however, is that biometric systems are no more vulnerable than other authentication technologies. For example, bar codes, magnetic stripes, and plastic photo identification cards are all imperfect as well. An advantage of biometric authentication technologies is that we can do something about it we can incorporate automated liveness tests to minimize the effectiveness of artificial or simulated biometric specimens.
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