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A ring network can appear physically like a star network. The ring configuration often only manifests itself in the path that data follows in the network. (See TokenRing MAUs below, for an example of this.) Ring LANs like Token-Ring and FDDI are generally based on token passing, where each station can take its turn on the network only when it has possession of a special packet called a token. The advantage of this method is seen as the network utilization increases. Unlike the CSMA/CD-based Ethernet networks, there are no collisions in a token scheme. Token-passing networks therefore can maintain very high utilizations with little performance degradation. The tradeoff is that the ring protocols have a higher overhead, which cuts down the available bandwidth. Ring topologies such as Token-Ring, FDDI, and SONET (used in the wide area) have built-in fault resiliency. FDDI networks have found wide application in campus backbones. The downside of ring networks has been the higher historic costs associated with them due to the extra hardware required to implement the token protocols.
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Original message: Hi! Encoded message: 1y Decoded message: Hi!
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System Requirements
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to be rotated independently in a speci c sequence to prevent interference between teeth located at the same level. Only when the gears are rotated according to a speci c code will this device unlock and activate another component. This device also contains an antireverse mechanism to prevent backward rotation so that a code cannot be corrected and tried again if it is entered incorrectly. Thus, this gear discriminator device interprets a digital code as angular rotations of the countermeshing gears in a fail-safe manner. 15.6.6 Microvibromotor with an Inverse Cam Researchers at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center have applied the concept of a vibromotor to the microscale. One version of a microvibromotor is shown schematically in Fig. 15.12a. A scanning electron microscopic image of a fabricated prototype is shown in Fig. 15.12b. Although it resembles the traditional cam-follower arrangement, its operating principle is different. Here, the follower and the cam are not in continuous contact; the follower drives the cam (i.e., the rotor) by impacting it. The follower is given an upward as well as sideward motion with the help of two translating inputs at either end of a clamped-clamped beam. When the two inputs are given appropriately, point A, where the follower is attached to the beam, experiences both transverse displacement and rotation. This motor has also shown to be operational in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of the rotor with slight modi cations and additions of more followers in other directions. The two translating inputs for this device shown in Fig. 15.12a and b come from
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Figure 28.12 OTDR specifications illustrated on a measurement trace: (a) one-way dynamic range, (b)
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2430 BYTES [19440 bits]/FRAME
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4 / 2 is 2 Can't divide by Zero! 16 / 4 is 4
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Figure 5-17. Sales Rep: 3A. Commission Plan with Base Salary
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When We Fail to Compromise Up
Zipper Distortion
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The Design Professional s services shall be performed in a manner consistent with that degree of skill and care ordinarily exercised by practicing design professionals performing similar services in the same locality, and under the same or similar circumstances and conditions. The Design Professional makes no other representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, with respect to the services rendered hereunder.
It takes four minutes for the man to climb the ladder. At time t, the sack has 100 4t pounds of sand in it. From time t to time t + t, the man moves 5 t feet up the ladder. He therefore performs about w( t) = ( 100 4t) 5 t foot-pounds of work. See Figure 8.24. The total work is then the integral
NOTE In the next section we ll talk about the tools you can use to build your own applications if
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individuals can gain their knowledge through espionage, social engineering, eavesdropping, or from current or former employees. The point is they know more than most outsiders. Service provider employees Personnel employed at service providers are another class of knowledgeable outsiders; through their business relationship with the organization, they possess information about the organization s people, processes, and technology that they can use to harm the organization through criminal means. Because cybercrime can be perpetrated by so many different types of people, it is quite a challenge to think like a cybercriminal in order to prepare one s defenses. While such an approach will still be helpful, it requires broad reflection on the part of security analysts and engineers who are responsible for protecting an organization s valuable assets.
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