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*Statistics through July 14, 2002
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Additionally, by monitoring the trunk groups within the PBX, the CTI application can see all the incoming calls and collect the data associated with each call. This application uses ANI and DNIS to see where the call was directed and when it was answered. The selectivity available in a CTI application therefore enables the supervisor to monitor the activity of each agent within a workgroup and get a clear picture of what transpires during the course of a day. This helps in determining workload effort, staffing requirements to meet a specific demand, or any seasonal adjustments that must be made based on time of year. About 65 to 70 management reports can be generated on an ad hoc basis. Supervisory personnel can monitor the work flow, the productivity of each agent in a group, abandoned calls that were not answered soon enough, or any other anomalies that might occur within a given day. Through these useful tools and reporting structures, the supervisors know whether they have enough, too few, or too many agents on board at any one time. This can aid in workflow scheduling as well as in determining the productivity of the individual agents or of the workgroup as a whole. In the event an agent is not performing satisfactorily, management can then take whatever corrective actions deemed necessary. If abandoned calls are escalating because the agents are on the phone too long, several other activities might result. These could include such things as new training, analysis of the call type and the information requested, or simply determining the morale and productivity within the workgroup. Beyond the call-processing and the call-monitoring capabilities, CTI can be implemented to integrate the facilities and capabilities of the PBX as well as the computer systems into one homogenous unit. The typical PBX today has features that are rarely used. There can be as many as 300 to 400 of these features that are designed to either improve productivity or make the job simpler. Although the average user typically activates only three or four of the normal features, many of the functions are available but never used. The CTI applications can customize features and functions for individual users within a workgroup and provide more powerful interfaces using point-and-click GUIs. Through a CTI application, a PC can be used for dialing, activating features, conference calling, call transfers, or any other necessary feature. Simply clicking on a telephone set icon saves the end user from the risk and the unfamiliarity of the PBX features, preventing cutoffs or lost calls and facilitating better utilization of the PBX features. Taking this one step further, each individual user within a group supported by a CTI application can customize his or her own features and functions in personal folders. These can either be stored on a PC or a server. Therefore, using the CTI application, individuals can select different forms of call screening, call forwarding, or call answering, according to the applications and the individualized services they prefer.
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The underlying array is referred to by a. This array is allocated by the RangeArray constructor. The index of the lower bound of the array is stored in lowerBound, and the index of the upper bound is stored in upperBound. Next, the auto-implemented, read-only properties Length and Error are declared:
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Laboratory Manual
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The output generated by the program is shown here:
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The design of PLL frequency synthesizer circuits, until recently, was fraught with complications and uncertain results. However, PLL chip companies, primarily National Semiconductor, have released information that makes the design of a frequency synthesizer much more simplified than in the past. National Semiconductor has also released two different PLL design programs that almost completely automate the PLL design task. Two of these programs
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D T N without running water, electricity, plumbing, or any other modern conveniences. Excuse me, Swiss Family Robinson, but I ll take the less-simple life and I ll keep my dishwasher, my microwave, my washing machine, and my dryer, thank you!
Losses in Coaxial Cables
// This displays the current value of length. Console.WriteLine("length contains " + length); // Assign width the value 7. width = 7;
CookieContainer provides various fields, properties, and methods that let you store cookies. By default, this property is null. To use cookies, you must set it equal to an instance of the CookieContainer class. For many applications, you won t need to work with the CookieContainer property directly. Instead, you will use the CookieCollection obtained from the response. CookieContainer simply provides the underlying storage mechanism for the cookies. The following program displays the names and values of the cookies associated with the URI specified on the command line. Remember, not all websites use cookies, so you might have to try a few until you find one that does.
I am he. (or she )
E X A M P L E 4.20
When viewing a Crystal Reports document, choose the default viewer that is most compatible with your browser and the functionality you want. All the viewers allow you to view, refresh, print, see the grouping tree, find, and export.
solution that will provide IT management and security capabilities for businesses, enabling IT managers to secure and manage desktops using a web-based subscription service. These online services will be based on components from existing systems management, identity, and security offerings, and will complement Microsoft s onpremise solutions, as customers begin to adopt cloud-based computing to address specific needs. It s not likely that you are going to put all your email on the cloud at the same time. But you can take advantage of the service to phase in a few users or satellite branches at a time before moving everyone over.
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