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Regular Pigment Network
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Storage of critical data and other supporting information is a key component in any organization s business continuity plan. Because some types of disasters can completely destroy a business location, including its vital records, it is imperative that all critical information be backed up and copies moved to an off-site storage facility. The following procedure will help the IT auditor determine the effectiveness of off-site storage: 1. Obtain the location of the off-site storage or e-vaulting facility. Determine whether the facility is located in the same geographic region as the organization s primary processing facility. 2. Visit the off-site storage facility. Examine its physical security controls as well as its safeguards to prevent damage to stored information in a disaster. Consider the entire spectrum of physical and logical access controls. Examine procedures and records related to the storage and return of backup media, and of other information that the organization may store there. 3. Take an inventory of backup media and other information stored at the facility. Compare this inventory with a list of critical business processes and supporting IT systems, to determine whether all relevant information is, in fact, stored at the off-site storage facility. 4. Determine how often the organization performs its own inventory of the off-site facility, and whether steps to correct deficiencies are documented and remedied. 5. Examine contracts, terms, and conditions for off-site storage providers or e-vaulting facilities, if applicable. Determine whether data can be recovered to the original processing center and to alternate processing centers within a period that will ensure that disaster recovery can be completed within recovery time objectives. 6. Determine whether the appropriate personnel have current access codes for off-site storage or e-vaulting facilities, and whether they have the ability to recover data from those facilities. 7. Determine what information, in addition to backup data, exists at the offsite storage facility. Information stored off-site should include architecture diagrams, design documentation, operations procedures, and configuration
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// Find the radius of a circle given its area. using System; class FindRadius { static void Main() { Double r; Double area; area = 10.0; r = Math.Sqrt(area / 3.1416);
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NOTE Replication is often used for applications where the recovery time objective (RTO) is smaller than the time necessary to recover data from backup media. For example, if a critical application s RTO is established to be two hours, then recovery from backup tape is probably not a viable option, unless backups are performed every two hours. While more expensive than recovery from backup media, replication ensures that up-to-date information is present on a remote storage system that can be put online in a short period. Server Clusters A cluster is a characteristic of two or more servers to appear as a single server resource. Clusters are often the technology of choice for applications that require a high degree of availability and a very small RTO (recovery time objective), measured in minutes. When an application is implemented on a cluster, even if one of the servers in the cluster fails, the other server (or servers) in the cluster will continue to run the application, usually with no user awareness that such a failure occurred. There are two typical configurations for clusters, active/active and active/passive. In active/active mode, all servers in the cluster are running and servicing application requests. This is often used in high-volume applications where many servers are required to service the application workload. In active/passive mode, one or more servers in the cluster are active and servicing application requests, while one or more servers in the cluster are in a standby mode; they can service application requests, but won t do so unless one of the active servers fails or goes offline for any reason. When an active server goes offline and a standby server takes over, this event is called a failover. A typical server cluster architecture is shown in Figure 7-9.
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D T N the example for what you one day hope to achieve those who have an appreciation for revealing life s greater possibilities with a plan of action and the perseverance to get there. Doing this doesn t mean that you have to paint yourself into a corner and seek out only those people whom you can reach in person, people who are located in or near your own town or city. You don t even have to know these people. Why not gravitate toward people whom you ve never met and may never meet in your lifetime They can be even more influential in your quest by their sheer example. Since I would never suggest that you try something that I myself haven t tried and found effective, I ll share with you some life-changing techniques that I used when I was taking my own leap of faith.
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4. This condition occurs with chronic infection of the apocrine glands and is manifested by multiple painful, pruritic, and subcutaneous abscesses. It may be treated with antibiotics or incision 5. This cystic vulvar tumor is a rare congenital anomaly and located near the urethral meatus. It can be treated with partial excision 6. Occlusion of a persistent processus vaginalis may cause this hydrocele or cystic tumor 7. These lateral vaginal wall cysts result from dilation of the mesonephric duct remnants 8. This is a benign outgrowth of normal skin. More of a solid tumor than a cyst, it must be removed when it causes discomfort
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Cultivating Interests Before Callings
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Math defines several standard mathematical operations, such as square root, sine, cosine, and logarithms. The Math class is static, which means all of the methods defined by Math are static and no object of type Math can be constructed. It also means Math is implicitly sealed and cannot be inherited. The methods defined by Math are shown in Table 21-1. All angles are in radians. Math also defines these two fields: public const double E public const double PI
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Sample 1; 9; 25 01; 09; 25 Mon; Tue; Wed MON; TUE; WED Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday MONDAY; TUESDAY; WEDNESDAY
Managing Events
Ear shape has been considered a unique identifier since Alphonse Bertillon, revered in some quarters as the pioneer of human identification sciences, pronounced its uniqueness, It is, in fact, almost impossible to meet with two ears which are identical in all their parts. 11 An American law enforcement professional, Alfred V. Iannarelli, described as perhaps the foremost American advocate of ear print identification, has researched and published a book on ear identification, which is based on the ridges of ear tissue, as well as the ear s overall shape and geometry.12 In the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and some states of the United States, evidence based on ear prints and ear images has been deemed admissible in various courts and has been used to convict criminals.13 However, in the United States, a Washington state appellate court has ruled that ear print identification is not a generally accepted method of identification.14 In State v. Kunze (Court of Appeals of Washington, 1999), David Kunze appealed his convictions for aggravated murder and other crimes. At his trial, Kunze was convicted, in part, on a latent ear print found on a wall at the home of the victim. The main issue for the court was whether the State s witnesses could offer testimony, based on the relationship among some of the anatomical features of the external ear, that
Meaning Returns the char equivalent of the character in str. If str contains more than one character, a FormatException is thrown. Returns the lowercase equivalent of ch if ch is an uppercase letter. Otherwise, ch is returned unchanged. Returns the lowercase equivalent of ch if ch is an uppercase letter. Otherwise, ch is returned unchanged. The conversion is handled in accordance with the specified cultural information. CultureInfo is a class defined in System.Globalization. Returns the lowercase version of ch independently of the cultural settings. Returns the string representation of the value of the invoking Char. Returns the string representation of ch. Returns the string representation of the invoking Char using the specified cultural information. Returns the uppercase equivalent of ch if ch is a lowercase letter. Otherwise, ch is returned unchanged. Returns the uppercase equivalent of ch if ch is a lowercase letter. Otherwise, ch is returned unchanged. The conversion is handled in accordance with the specified cultural information. CultureInfo is a class defined in System.Globalization. Returns the uppercase version of ch independently of the cultural settings. Attempts to convert the character in str into its char equivalent. If successful, the value is stored in ch and true is returned. If str contains more than one character, false is returned. This differs from Parse( ), which throws an exception on failure.
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