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The original SCSI-1 standard can support data transfers up to 5MB per second. Since recording to a quad-speed CD-R drive only requires data transfer rates of 600KB per second, SCSI-1 is suf cient for most CD-R applications. However, if a system con guration includes many different types of devices on the SCSI bus, bus traf c may create slowdowns and
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Basic ASA Configuration
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This program prints is a test on the screen:
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selected from the drop-down list (as shown in the left half of Figure 7-17). Once the Member of Dimension data type is selected, the text box on the right side of the dialog box will change from Value to Dimension Alias:, and a dimension list will appear to select the referenced dimension. The Entity dimension is selected as the referenced dimension, as shown in the right half of Figure 7-17 for the example in this chapter. The default value for the referenced dimension can be selected by clicking on the Ellipsis ( ) button that is available to the right of the text box titled Member: in the Create Member Property dialog box. Clicking the Ellipsis ( ) button will open the Member Selector, which then displays the available members in the referenced dimension, from which the default member of the referenced dimension can be selected. After you ve defined the various aspects of the new dimension member property, clicking OK will close the Create Member Property dialog box. It will also display the Dimension Workspace for the Employee dimension where the newly created Entity member property can be seen as the rightmost column. Click the Check In link in the Dimension Tasks pane on the right side to save and check in the Employee dimension. The user-defined dimension member property will be available to all members of the dimension. It is important to note that the user-defined dimension member properties cannot be deleted after they are created and saved.
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Sample Size
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The 1996 Telecommunications Act has mandated that network users must be allowed to take their telephone numbers with them when they change suppliers. This commonly is referred to as Local Number Portability (LNP), and it will have a profound effect on SS7 networks. LNP means that for normal point-to-point calls, the number dialed (which until now defined the geographic location of the End Office and of the actual telephone addressed) actually can belong to a phone anywhere in the covered region.
database or programming in the course description and taught in spring 2 0 0 6 . The Oracle version of this example uses the % instead of the * as the wildcard character.
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Starting in IOS 12.1(6)EA2, Cisco standardized how port security is configured on its switches. The entire configuration is performed on an interface-by-interface basis by using the switchport commands:
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From Hardware to Software
The C++ standard library contains many predefined functions that you can use in your programs.
To enumerate applications, use the following:
The Business Case for Going to the Cloud
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