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The Marks Placement Tool lets you alter the position of crop and fold marks, registration marks, color calibration bars, printing information, and Density Scale positions. When the Marks Placement Tool is selected, the Property Bar features options for positioning and printing certain mark types, as shown in Figure 28-12. To view or position crop and fold marks, click-drag the top, bottom, or sides of the rectangle defining their position, or enter values in the Property Bar boxes. To change the position of other marks you have selected to print with your document page, choose the Marks Placement Tool and drag directly on the marks.
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Look back over problems 2-1 through 2-4 and note that the discontinuity occurs at the vertical asymptote. Another example of a discontinuous function is one defined on certain intervals such as
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tering application or a BD-ROM formatting utility that knows how to create BD-9 or BD-50 CMF images, preferably one that lets you specify where the layer break occurs.
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Figure 23-1: Routing table
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Print Tiled Pages Choose this option to print pages in portions. Once selected, the # (Number) Of Tiles, Tiling Marks (you want to use Tile Overlap if you use this, to avoid showing the marks in your finished project), and Tile Overlap options are available. The # Of Tiles option lets you print your document in vertical or horizontal tiles, up to 24 portions for each. Setting the Tile Overlap option gives you control over how much image portion is repeated around the edges of each tile, based on unit measure or a percentage of the original page width. By default, Tile Overlap is set to 0 inches. Tiling Marks Choose this to have crop-style marks print around your tiles, making it easier to realign the tile pages when you put the tiles together. Tile Overlap This option adds an extra printed portion around each tile to make it easier to align the tiles for your large sign. Overlap can be set from 0 through 2.125 inches. % Of Page Width Use this to specify the tile overlap as a percentage of the page size between 0 and 25 percent. Bleed Limit Choosing this check box lets you use a portion of the area surrounding your document page. For example, if certain objects overlap the page border of a document, this option lets you print a portion outside the limits of the page. Bleed Limit can be set within a range of 0 to 40 inches, the default of which is a standard 0.125 inch.
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The :: operator has this general form: namespace-alias::identi er Here, namespace-alias is the name of a namespace alias and identifier is the name of a member of that namespace. To understand why the namespace alias qualifier is needed, consider the following program. It creates two namespaces, Counter and AnotherCounter, and both declare a class called CountDown. Furthermore, both namespaces are brought into view by using statements. Finally, in Main( ), an attempt is made to instantiate an object of type CountDown.
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4: General Gynecology
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Potassium (K)
As mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, all the configuration and management aspects of SDM are not covered here: this is a course in-and-of itself called SND, which discusses the use of the product over a four-day period. Instead, this chapter briefly introduces some of the basic configuration tasks you ll perform in SDM and then discusses some of the wizards SDM offers.
Watt-Hours per Day1
Cell Payload
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