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The role of business decision-maker encompasses several titles in an organization: executives, directors, and managers. These various jobs are different in important ways, but all have one thing in common: the need for timely information is critical so that these individuals can make decisions that drive the business. Executives are those at the top of an organization. Their view is often quite wide; they must understand all facets of the business and how they relate. A CEO is concerned with revenue and expenses, but also with staffing, manufacturing, customer satisfaction, supply chains, and so forth. Executives rarely have much time to dig into the numbers so they need very broad, high-level measures of the overall health of a business. Vice presidents and directors of certain business functions may get more detailed information about their area, but they still take a broad view and need high-level information. Managers often manage at a much more granular level, but are still making business decisions that can impact the profit and loss of their specific areas. When the information upon which a business decision-maker relies can have an impact on the profitability of a functional unit, it is critical that the information be timely and accurate. The presentation of the data must make it very easy to grasp quickly and provide unambiguous information about the health of that information.
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BD projects can take a variety of forms. The list in Table 12.1 is not by any means exhaustive, but it does illustrate the ways that BD can go far beyond a presentation of linear video transferred from videotape. Table 12.1 BD Project Examples
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This fragment displays the current disk drive:
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defined by ICollection<T>. (The Add( ) and Remove( ) methods are not supported, nor is the IsReadOnly property.) Queue<T> is a dynamic collection that grows as needed to accommodate the elements it must store. It defines the following constructors: public Queue( ) public Queue(int capacity) public Queue(IEnumerable<T> c) The first form creates an empty queue with an initial default capacity. The second form creates an empty queue with the initial capacity specified by capacity. The third form creates a queue that contains the elements of the collection specified by c. In addition to the methods defined by the interfaces that it implements (and those methods defined by ICollection<T> that it implements on its own), Queue<T> defines the methods shown in Table 24-20. Queue<T> works just like its non-generic counterpart. To put an object in the queue, call Enqueue( ). To remove and return the object at the front of the queue, call Dequeue( ). You can use Peek( ) to return, but not remove, the next object. An InvalidOperationException is thrown if you call Dequeue( ) or Peek( ) when the invoking queue is empty. Here is an example that demonstrates Queue<T>:
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Table 5.1 .1 Level of detail in the 3D model and potential uses and benefits for each of the disciplines.
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Figure 10.7 Side view of a through-hole via to ground plane.
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Coarse WDM (CWDM) is a form of WDM that is targeted for costsensitive carriers with smaller metro-edge reach requirements. Specifically, CWDM uses much wider channel spacing, typically 20 nm, and precludes the need for costly EDFA amplifiers. In fact, the CWDM grid (ITU-T G.694.2) spans the entire SMF spectrum, as shown previously in Figure 8.2, and supports much smaller channel counts, typically about 16 32 per fiber. The main cost savings of this technology comes from its use of low-power/wider-line-width (uncooled) laser sources and lower-cost coarse filtering devices. These laser types mitigate center-wavelength temperature drift and allow unamplified transmissions up to 40 km. In general, CWDM is very cost effective for client interface speeds under OC-48/ STM-16 (2.5 Gbps), and hence this technology makes sense for Gigabit Ethernet services. Alternatively, faster 10 Gigabit CWDM transceivers are also available but offer less cost reduction than their DWDM counterparts. Moreover, the larger economies of scale in the DWDM market will, over time, erode the first-cost advantage of CWDM [3]. Finally,
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