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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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Payload Data (DATA) Chunk The DATA chunk is used to carry information
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100 percent Ethernet reach Carriers deploying circuit bonding can serve all customer buildings with or without fiber access. Highly efficient A higher bandwidth utilization percentage helps to improve the profit margin and reduce leased bandwidth cost. Carriers can offer Ethernet service in bandwidth increments that more closely match customer requirements, therefore increasing customer acceptance of services provided. Ability to grow Circuit-bonded pipes can grow with customer needs without hardware replacement and truck roll. Bandwidth can be added remotely in small increments. Quality of service and protection Ethernet services based on circuit bonding can provide carrier-grade services that are able to meet stringent SLA requirements similar to TDM services.
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SONET defines a technique to carry many signals from different sources and at different capacities through a synchronous, optical hierarchy. The flexibility and robustness of SONET are some of its strongest selling points. Additionally, in the past many of the high-speed, multiplexing arrangements (DS-2 and DS-3) used bit interleaving to multiplex the data streams through the multiplexers. SONET uses a byte-interleaved multiplexing format. This is a strong point because it keeps the basic DS-0 intact throughout the network, making it easier to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting. Byte interleaving simplifies the process and provides better end-to-end management. The base level of a SONET signal is called the Synchronous Transport Signal Level1 (STS-1), operating at 51.84 Mbps. The first step in using the SONET architecture is to create the STS-1. Other levels exist in multiples of the STS-n to create a full family of transmission speeds. The SONET hierarchy is shown in Table 27-2 . Table 27-2: Summary of electrical and optical rates for SONET The SONET hierarchy Electrical Signal STS-1 STS-3 STS-12 STS-24 STS-48 STS-192 Optical Value OC-1 OC-3 OC-12 OC-24 OC-48 OC-192 Speed 51.84 Mbps 155.520 Mbps 622.08 Mbps 1.244 Gbps 2.488 Gbps 9.95Gbps Capacity 28 DS-1 or 1 DS-3 84 DS-1 or 3 DS-3 336 DS-1 or 12 DS-3 672 DS-1 or 24 DS-3 1344 DS-1 or 48 DS3 5376 DS-1 or 192 DS-3
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How It All Works: A Simple Overview of LAN Operation Briefly, if a device (say a PC) wants to communicate with another device (let s say a printer) on a LAN requesting a service (printing, in this case), then the sending device s print application request will be essentially converted into an appropriate Ethernet frame. The Ethernet frame will have the PC s MAC address as the source address (SA) and the printer s MAC address as the destination address (DA). Other parameters in the frame will be filled in appropriately. The frame is then transmitted using the CSMA/CD protocol (described in section on CSMA/CD) if the device MAC is operating in a half-duplex mode (i.e., it can either send or receive but not send and receive simultaneously). This protocol was developed
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Correcting Control Language
Figure 4-4
Distributed Network Monitoring 686 Network Test Instrumentation
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