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The program illustrates one other important point: using one namespace does not override another. When you bring a namespace into view, it simply adds its names to whatever other namespaces are currently in effect. Thus, by the end of the program both std and CounterNameSpace have been added to the global namespace.
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ciscoasa(config)# webvpn ciscoasa(config-webvpn)# port-forward STPorts 65025 SMTPserver 25 ciscoasa(config-webvpn)# port-forward STPorts 65023 23
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Adding a prompt here creates a cascade
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Reposition Your Gear if It Doesn t Work Properly
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An advertisement request message is a VTP message a client generates to acquire VLAN information, to which a server will respond. When the server responds to a client s request, it generates a subset advertisement. A subset advertisement contains detailed VLAN configuration information, including the VLAN numbers, names, types, and other information. The client will then configure itself appropriately.
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Financial management for IT services consists of several activities, including: Budgeting Capital investment Expense management Project accounting and project ROI IT financial management is the portion of IT management that takes into account the financial value of IT services that support organizational objectives.
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Use the remark parameter to add a comment about an ACL statement or
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Basic Switch Operation and Verification
The status of each channel on each link is detected from the data carried by the channel. The following six-channel states are defined for each channel:
Capacity Planning
static X IncrA(X obj) static Y IncrB(Y obj)
Project Projects group together related modules and forms into a single file. Project files are stored as separate files with the extension .GMS. Module A module is a VBA document that contains the individual macros. Modules can be normal modules, class modules (not discussed here), or forms. Form A form is a window that contains the user interface for your macro. Forms are also known as dialogs and can contain buttons, boxes, options, text input areas, static text, drop-down lists, and more. Shape Shape is the term used for any object in a CorelDRAW drawing many people call them objects, but object means something different in VBA. Object Objects have a special meaning in VBA: object in VBA is the general name for any aspect of CorelDRAW that can be named and programmed, such as Shape, Layer, Page, or Document, and dozens of other items. Object Model The Object Model is the wiring between VBA (or any other programming language) and the CorelDRAW document without the Object Model it is simply not possible for you to control the shapes in the document, or even the document s other settings. The Object Model gives everything an object name so that you can get a reference to anything and then modify it. Member Objects are usually made from smaller objects called members. Members can be sub-objects, properties, and methods. As an analogy, a car is an object, but it has an engine and four wheels that are sub-objects. Property One aspect of objects is that they have properties. A property is a characteristic of an object, such as size, position, or color. You can access these properties with VBA. Method A method is a task that the object can perform when you tell it to: Resize yourself to three inches wide, Move one inch to the right, Rotate 10 degrees, Group with the other shapes, Delete yourself. Methods are often called member functions.
216 = 65,536
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