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Many people are not waiting until CAFE standards reach 35 miles per gallon by 2020. They are driving vehicles now that get better than 35 miles per gallon. Some are starting to drive plug-in hybrids that achieve over 100 miles per gallon. In the U.S. 40,000 people drive electric vehicles that use zero gasoline and produce zero emissions. However, even you do not want to convert your car to electric the full performance to the low-speed electric vehicles the total number of electric vehicles has increased significantly within the past 5 to 7 years. Here are just some of the companies out there. Miles Electric Vehicles, a Los Angeles-based all electric vehicles manufacturer currently produces several low-speed vehicles for military, university, municipal, and private use. The company is also currently developing the XS500 electric vehicle, powered by lithium-ion phosphate batteries. It has a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 120 miles. The company says it plans to crash test the car and release it as a 2009 model with a minimum four star crash test safety rating. The projected price is $30,000. Phoenix Motorcars ( based in Ontario, California, plans to build both a mid-sized SUV and an SUT (sports utility truck) with 130 mile range for $45,000 using NanoSafe batteries from Altairnano. Five hundred cars are planned for delivery in early 2008 to fleet customers. A consumer version is planned for release in late 2008. A version with a 250+ mile range is also in development. Their lithium-ion battery is enhanced by nanotechnology that can recharge in under ten minutes, drive for a hundred miles on a charge, and has a top speed of 95 mph. Tesla Motors, Silicon Valley automobile startup company, unveiled the 185 kW (248 hp) Tesla Roadster on July 20, 2006. As of March 2008, Tesla has begun regular production
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Pressure Grouting
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Formulating Division Problems
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the safety aspects have already been handled for you. When you roll your own design, dealing with the safety issues becomes your responsibility. While licensing your one-ofa-kind Starship Electrocruiser will consume less time with the local Motor Vehicle authorities than would getting the certifications for a production run from multiple agencies, you are still going to have to convince someone that the wheels aren t going to come off before they permit you to cruise anywhere except in your driveway. Building to someone s plans is a logical step towards saving time and hassle. You still have to provide the muscle and the bucks, but there s someone who has already blazed a trail before you in terms of licensing and construction shortcuts. In addition, you have someone to write or call if you get hung up on a construction detail. Putting a custom kit on an existing internal combustion powered vehicle chassis saves you yet more building time and hassle, but still requires an extensive labor investment on your part and additional out-of-pocket cost. The advantage is that you not only have someone to call or write to for help, but better instructions typically make that help less necessary. Pre-fab parts also go a long way toward ensuring that your finished product looks like a professional job. There s also a hidden problem with custom-, plan-, or kit-built electric vehicles; it occurs if you decide to sell your creation. With new and do-it-yourself conversions using internal combustion engine vehicles even if quite radical in the electrical department the prospective purchaser comes to look at it and the first impression is, Yeah, it s a Ford or OK, it s a Honda and so forth. The prospective buyer mentally catalogs the make and model of the body, then moves on. With custom-built electrics, you might deal with a lot of questions on the body, such as How safe is it or Does it leak much when it rains or Will this crack here get much wider It can go on and on. Building an EV from scratch today involves thoroughly planning what you are going to do in advance (Will you make or buy parts, and from what vendors When will parts be needed Where will assembly happen Which subcontractors will help ), then pursuing your plan (leaving room for contingencies, problems, and any bargains that come your way). If you can scrounge, barter, or scavenge used parts, so much the better.
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Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Access Control 4.0
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Joins, Grouping, a n d Group Conditions List the course number, the offering number, and the average GPA of students enrolled. Only include courses offered in fall 2 0 0 5 in which the average GPA of enrolled students is greater than 3.0.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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3/2 frC1
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The if-else-if Ladder
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The Ethernet standard dictates that no two devices in the entire world will have the same MAC address; this is established through the issuance of ranges of MAC addresses that are allocated to each manufacturer of Ethernet devices. Typically, each manufacturer will be issued a range, which consists of the first three bytes of the MAC address; the manufacturer will then assign consecutive values for the last three bytes to each device that it produces. For example, a company is issued the value A0-66-01 (called its Organizationally Unique Identifier, or OUI). The devices that the company produces will have that value as the first three bytes of its MAC address and assign three additional bytes to each device that it produces, giving addresses such as A0-66-01-FF-01-01, A0-66-01-FF-01-02, A0-66-01-FF-01-03, and so on. This will guarantee that no two devices in the world will have the same address. Ethernet Frame Format An Ethernet frame consists of a header segment, a data segment, and a checksum. The header segment contains the destination MAC address, the source MAC address, and a two-byte Ethernet type field. The data segment ranges from 46 to 1,500 bytes in length. The checksum field is four bytes in length and is a CRC (cyclical redundancy check) checksum of the entire frame. An Ethernet frame is shown in Figure 5-18. Ethernet Devices Network devices are required to facilitate the transmission of frames on an Ethernet network. These devices include: Network adaptor A network adaptor, commonly known as a Network Interface Card (NIC), is a device that is directly connected to a computer s bus and contains one or more connectors to which an Ethernet network cable may be connected. Often, a computer s NIC is integrated with the computer s motherboard, but a NIC may also be a separate circuit card that is plugged into a bus connector. Repeater A repeater is a device that receives and retransmits the signal on an Ethernet network. Repeaters are useful for situations in which cable lengths exceed 100 m, or to interconnect two or more Ethernet networks. A disadvantage of repeaters is that they propagate collisions and other network anomalies onto all parts of the network. Repeaters are seldom used today.
Following the same procedure for the second current, we replace the second column of D to de ne D2 = 14 4 7 = (14)( 3) ( 4)(7) = 42 + 28 = 14 3
3/99 RFC 2543 Initial release
Topics in Obstetrics
This voltage value in dBmV 1000 mV 20 log _________ 11.62 mV 20 log 86.06 38.7 dBmV
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Carrier Ethernet Is Here to Stay
Network interfaces enable computer telephony systems to communicate electrically within specific telephone networks. Calls arriving from the public-switched telephone network can be carried on a variety of lines, including the following:
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