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where Av voltage gain of the op-amp and KVCO gain of the VCO in MHz/V. (The entire PLL design will still be the same as in steps 1 through 10 above, but now simply substitute KVCO for VCOGAIN.) Another popular technique is to place a low-noise, high-supply-voltage opamp at the DC tuning input of the VCO with the loop filter s output placed into the input of the op-amp and use the VCOGAIN formula above to calculate the new gain of the VCO. The result of the VCOGAIN calculation will be used as the new KVCO in the above PLL formulas. This completes the design of the most important part of a PLL synthesizer, the loop filter. The following will wrap up the total frequency synthesizer design by employing one of the most popular family of PLL chips in use today: the National LMX23XX (Fig. 5.7). The complete National PLL chip s input and output pins are described in detail below for the widely used LMX2306 (which functions up to 550 MHz), the LMX2316 (functions up to 1.2 GHz), and the LMX2326 (functions up to 2.8 GHz): 1. Flo is an output pin that permits a parallel resistor to be attached between C2 and R2 of the PLL s loop filter. This will allow the PLL to obtain both a fast lock time and good phase noise specs by modifying the loop bandwidth on the fly. After the channel change occurs, loop bandwidth reverts back to normal. 2. CPo is the output of the charge pump to which the loop filter is attached.
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The definitions o f 2 N F and 3 N F distinguish between key and nonkey c o l u m n s . A column is a key column if it is part o f a candidate key or a candidate key by itself. Recall that a candidate key is a minimal set o f column(s) that has unique values in a table. Minimality means that none o f the columns can be removed without removing the uniqueness property. N o n k e y columns are any other columns. In Table 7.1, the combination o f (StdSSN,
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Part II:
office router that needed access to four remote sites, the central office router would need four WAN interfaces for terminating the four leased lines. With Frame Relay and ATM, you could use one WAN interface to provide the same connectivity. Leased lines use synchronous serial connections, with their data rates ranging from 2400 bps all the way up to 45 Mbps, in what is referred to as a DS3 connection. A synchronous serial connection allows you to send and receive information simultaneously without having to wait for any signal from the remote side. Nor does a synchronous connection need to indicate when it is beginning to send something or the end of a transmission. These two things, plus how clocking is done, are the three major differences between synchronous and asynchronous connections asynchronous connections are typically used for dialup connections, such as modems. If you purchase a leased line, you will need the following equipment:
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Comparison of IS Audit and IS Management Risk Analysis
You re being silly. He was going to the movies. We re coming soon. Eres rid culo. Iba al cine. Venimos pronto.
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Introducing Photoshop Elements
(7.53d) (7.53e) (7.53f )
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