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In addition to the properties defined by the interfaces that it implements, Dictionary<TKey, TValue> defines these properties:
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Diplexers are two or more combined filters in a single package that are adopted to separate two or more different frequencies. This concept can be employed to separate the transmit from the receive frequency in a frequency division duplex (FDD) transceiver, in which application it is sometimes referred to as a duplexer. A diplexer also can be placed at the output of a mixer stage (Fig. 6.46), where it functions as an absorptive filter. In this mixer application, the first filter of the diplexer has a passband that corresponds to the undesired frequencies, so these pass right through and are then terminated into a 50-ohm load. These same undesired frequencies are blocked from entering the second filter by the filter s own stopband, but its passband passes the desired signals onto the IF sections of the receiver. Thus, the undesired signals through the first filter are absorbed, instead of reflected, because they are properly terminated into the 50-ohm resistive load. This will prevent any undesired frequency products created by mixer nonlinearities from being bounced off a standard filter s reflective stopband and returning to the mixer, causing increased IMD levels.
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Figure 2-21 Example of a currently used F -type connector stripping and crimping
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// Now, use copyInsert on an array of strings. string[] strs = { "Generics", "are", "powerful."}; string[] strs2 = new string[4]; // Display contents of strs. Console.Write("Contents of strs: "); foreach(string s in strs) Console.Write(s + " "); Console.WriteLine(); // Insert into a string array. ArrayUtils.CopyInsert("in C#", 1, strs, strs2); // Display contents of strs2. Console.Write("Contents of strs2: "); foreach(string s in strs2) Console.Write(s + " ");
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Unexpected Material Deterioration and Failure
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Part I:
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A character array called str is declared twice here, once in main( ) and once in f1( ). The str in main( ) has no bearing on, or relationship to, the one in f1( ). The reason for this is that each str is known only to the block in which it is declared. To confirm this, try running the program. As you will see, even though str receives a string entered by the user inside f1( ), the contents of str in main( ) remain unchanged. The C++ language contains the keyword auto, which can be used to declare local variables. However, since all non-global variables are, by default, assumed to be auto, it is virtually never used. Hence, you will not see it used in any of the examples in this book. However, if you choose to use it, place it immediately before the variable s type, as shown here:
In BD-J mode, you have access to Persistent Storage on the player. This area is not available with HDMV mode programming. Persistent storage, which can be either the application data area (APDA) or the binding unit data area (BUDA), is used for storing information or content for the disc that does not get lost when the disc is ejected or the player stopped or shut off, and that is available to the
5: IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
Virtual paired bridge B
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Requirements of Foundation Design
// Define plus two for ThreeD. static ThreeD ThreeDPlusTwo(ThreeD v) { if(v==null) return new ThreeD(0, 0, 0); else return new ThreeD(v.x + 2, v.y + 2, v.z + 2); }
Conductor Installation
If you ve been into film photography long enough to become familiar with the effects of different focal lengths, then you need to retrain you brain to what focal lengths mean when it comes to digital cameras. In film photography, a 50mm to 55mm lens is called a normal lens because the angle it covers is similar to what the eye normally sees. For film cameras, 35mm is considered a good all-around wide-angle lens, and 120mm is a popular telephoto length. All that changes with a digital camera. Here s why. For various reasons, mostly cost, the imaging sensor in nearly all digital cameras is not 35mm wide, the size of a frame of 35mm film. Most sensors are smaller, as shown in Figure 1-8. A normal 50mm lens that would fill the frame on a film camera the largest in the figure would overflow the imaging area of most digital cameras, turning the 50mm normal lens into a telephoto.
Figure 10-10 The parameter, as viewed on the report, is by default a multiple selection list.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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