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The network share account allows the target server to have access rights to the network share point where the package is located. To set up a network share account, complete the following steps: 1. Right-click the Installation Manager node in the Presentation Server Console. 2. Select Properties. 3. Enter the domain account and password to be used to access network shares.
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The Enneagram Learning Portal
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The second phase of Ethernet over MPLS deployments came as carriers looked to scale Carrier Ethernet services that had been deployed using Layer 2 Ethernet switches. Layer 2 Ethernet switching suffers from a number of limitations when applied to carrier networks:
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Private Network Technologies
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FIGURE 6-3 Users see classes and objects when building or modifying a query.
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Once you have created a PDF document or a document set, Acrobat includes a number of features that allow you to enhance the documents for electronic publishing. Some of the tools you have available include: Forms creation: you can create elaborate, interactive forms within Adobe Acrobat and overlay them on existing pages of a PDF document. These forms can include drop-down menu selections, validation of form entries through JavaScript, option button choices, calculation of shipping amounts and product costs, and similar features. Many of the options can be created through a menudriven process, but if you want to get into some more custom areas, such as advanced forms validation techniques, you may need to know some JavaScript to accomplish the necessary tasks. Audio or video elements: following the creation of a text document in PDF form, you can embed buttons or other selection options that trigger the playback of audio les or video images within the Acrobat document. If you leave areas within your page layout for these items to be inserted, the nal page will look more polished and professional. Hyperlinks: PDF documents that include URLs referencing Web pages can extend the effectiveness of your communication. The
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Broadband Communications and Asynchronous Transfer Mode Broadband Communications and Asynchronous Transfer Mode 229 generate data matrix
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present choices for choosing specific properties to replace, so you ll see one of four different dialogs. In general, each of these dialogs enables you to choose the properties you wish to find with corresponding properties to replace them with. After making your selection, click Finish to close the wizard and proceed to the next page.
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The growth of Mid-Band Ethernet is driven by multiple converging needs: the universal adoption of the Internet Protocol (IP), the economics of Ethernet, and the cost and complexity of real-world fiber deployments.
#if MAX>99 printf("Compiled for array greater than 99.\n"); #else printf("Compiled for small array.\n"); #endif return 0; }
There are both generic and non-generic versions of AsParallel( ). The non-generic version and the simplest generic version are shown here: public static ParallelQuery AsParallel(this IEnumerable source) public static ParallelQuery<TSource> AsParallel<TSource>(this IEnumerable<TSource> source) Here, TSource stands for the type of the elements in the sequence source. Here is an example that demonstrates a simple PLINQ query:
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1. Click the Import button on the Property Bar, and then choose Florida.jpg from your
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Let s take a look at an example of the use of VLANs and the two different types of connections by using the network shown in Figure 13-5. In this example, PC-C generates a local broadcast. When SwitchA receives the broadcast, it examines the incoming port and knows that the source device is from the gray VLAN (the accesslink connections are marked with dots). Seeing this, the switch knows to forward this frame only out of ports that belong to the same VLAN: this includes accesslink connections with the same VLAN identifier and trunk connections. On this switch, one access-link connection belongs to the same VLAN, PC-D, so the switch forwards the frame directly out this interface. The trunk connection between SwitchA and SwitchB handles traffic for multiple VLANs. A VLAN tagging mechanism is required to differentiate the source of traffic when moving it between the switches. For instance, assume that no tagging mechanism took place between the switches. PC-C generates a broadcast frame, and SwitchA forwards it unaltered to PC-D and then SwitchB across the trunk. The problem with this process is that when SwitchB receives the original Ethernet frame, it has no idea what port or ports to forward the broadcast to, since it doesn t know the origin VLAN. As shown in Figure 13-5, SwitchA tags the broadcast frame, adding the source VLAN to the original Ethernet frame (the broadcast frame is tagged). When SwitchB receives the frame, it examines the tag and knows that this is meant only
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