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Nonstop routing In order for routing and signalling protocols to continue to operate when a control card switchover occurs (due to failure of the active control card), it is necessary to replicate all state changes resulting from the operation of those protocols from the active to the backup control card. If the active card fails, the backup is thus able to assume the active role without its neighbours being aware of the switchover. One disadvantage of this approach is that state synchronisation requires significant additional CPU resources to operate. Nonstop forwarding An alternative to ensuring continued operation of routing and signalling protocols during a control card switchover is to enhance the protocols so that when a switchover occurs, the failed node is given time to recover by its neighbours and is able to ask those neighbours to refresh its state. Graceful Restart extensions have been implemented for OSPF, IS-IS, RSVP, LDP, and BGP to facilitate this. One disadvantage of this approach is that for a router to perform a graceful restart its neighbours must also implement the protocol extensions.
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Support Circuit Design
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A map is an associative container.
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Comparison of Japan s Second W ave Phase II Electric V ehicles
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IMAPing to Member Servers
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Just as important as the functions themselves, are the context in which these functions operate. Ethernet CFM/OAM operates in a strictly layered environment (see Figure 13.15). CFM/OAM assumes there may be multiple levels of customer-provider relationships involved in providing Carrier Ethernet services. An operator in a city may run a Q-in-Q network. An end-to-end provider may contract with Q-in-Q networks in several cities and with a MAC-in-MAC backbone provider to create the end-to-end service required by a customer. The customer, in turn, may be offering services to clients internally to an enterprise. In this kind of layered environment, it is important to hide information. For example, if a customer initiates a linktrace operation, the provider does not want each bridge in his network to be visible as a waypoint to that customer s linktrace. This is especially true if that customer is a rival provider that is subcontracting services. The various frame encapsulations (Q-in-Q, MAC-in-MAC) often ensure that a CFM/OAM message at a higher level cannot be detected as such by a lower level device. Where business relationships add additional layers not reflected in the actual data frames themselves, CFM/OAM provides a Maintenance Domain Level (802.1ag) or Maintenance Entity Group Level (Y.1731) in every CFM/OAM message to differentiate the levels. Thus, in Figure 13.15, the endto-end provider cannot see either operators network except at the four points where the end-to-end EVC enters and leaves the operators networks. Similarly, the customer can see only the entry and exit points of the end-to-end service. At each level, the visible intermediate points are the endpoints of the lower level. In addition to essential information hiding, this model provides an excellent means for reporting and diagnosing faults. The endpoints of each level can report failures to the enclosing level. If a failure is detected at any given level, it can be isolated to that part of the network between intermediate points, and the appropriate subnetwork can then be inspected to isolate the difficulty further.
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All contingencies must be completed before the start of the enterprise rollout. Data centers and network upgrades should be complete. Equipment staging should be ready. Rollout teams should be ready to be deployed.
The STM-0 frame represents a virtual signal that forms an STM-1 frame. Once this SDH frame is formed, four STM-1 frames then form an STM-4 frame, and so on. Each STM frame represents an increase in the two-dimensional matrix used for representation similar to the manner in which an STS-N signal builds up. For example, an STM-1 frame would be represented as 9 rows times 270 columns, similar to an STS-3 frame, but using different technology. Now that we have a general idea of the SDH hierarchy let s conclude this section by discussing some of the , topologies supported by SONET and SDH.
Table 5-3 compares the case of ten molecules and 18 units of energy with our previous two examples. Notice that with only a modest increase from our first
public MyGenClass(T o) { ob = o; }
1. Construct models for the substances methane
Basic Undo Commands
As you can see, the contents of mc.chrs was enumerated. Let s examine this program carefully. First, notice that MyClass does not specify IEnumerator as an implemented interface. When creating an iterator, the compiler automatically implements this interface for you. Second, pay special attention to the GetEnumerator( ) method, which is shown again here for your convenience:
This integral is improper with infinite integrand at 0. The value of the integral is defined to be
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