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shows that mountain bikes are generating a gross profit margin of just over 16%, a figure many companies would find quite acceptable. Therefore, a user can modify the values to better suit the business conditions. Right-clicking anywhere in the Performance Map and choosing Performance Map Properties opens the dialog box shown in Figure 6-52. Using this dialog box, the user can modify the color scheme and the color range, as well as turn on or off the setup pane at the top of the map. If the stated business goal is to have items generate a margin of at least 15%, the user could change the middle value to .15 and that would turn Mountain Bikes ever so slightly green, meaning they were now above the desired gross profit margin value. Another option for the Performance Map is to group the items being shown. In Figure 6-51 the subcategories are shown for all time. To break them down by years, the user can drop down the first Group By box, select Date.Calendar, and then Calendar Year. This has the effect of adding Date.Calendar to the Rows, but also of grouping the items in the Performance Map as shown in Figure 6-53. Realize that at this point it can be very difficult to read many of the boxes, so it might be helpful to select only a few of the larger subcategories.
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This program will print the numbers 0 through 9 on the screen before ending. It will not go to 100, because the break statement will cause it to terminate early. The break statement is commonly used in loops in which a special condition can cause immediate termination. The following fragment contains an example of such a situation, where a keypress can stop the execution of the loop:
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shutter opens and closes. Most cameras with a self-timer feature will flash a light as the camera counts down. The flashes become more rapid just before the shutter opens, which is your cue to smile for the camera.
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original linear film into something much more immersive, interactive and social. If I ve learned anything in nearly 30 years in this business, it s that giving powerful new tools to highly creative people almost always results in something ingenious and compelling. Give it some time you ll see. Meanwhile, the timing of this new book, Blu-ray Disc Demystified, is superb. The industry has settled on a single high-definition disc format, thereby removing any need to hedge bets or sit on a fence. As I write this, Blu-ray is already beginning to see substantial growth in the marketplace, so it s an ideal time to learn all about how the format works and what it can do for you. If you ve had the pleasure of reading any of Jim Taylor s earlier DVD Demystified books, you already know that they have been a treasure for those seeking more than a just a thorough technical analysis. This new book continues the highly successful blend of carefully researched factual information and industry insight that the other books have become known for, and, as always, no punches are pulled along the way. You will find a unique perspective of the history, practical applications, and even some of the common myths surrounding the format, all written in an accessible style that makes for an enjoyable and engaging read. Jim and his co-authors have done it again, so whether your profession requires you to know about Blu-ray Disc or you just have an interest in knowing how this wonderful new technology works, you ve come to the right place.
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Description Belgian franc German mark Greek drachma Spanish peseta French franc Irish punt Italian lira Luxembourg franc Dutch guilder Austrian schilling Portugese escudo Finnish mark
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
If you choose not to install a security system, it is still possible to enjoy the benefits of this project by only using X10 gear. The Version II Wireless X10 Motion Sensor (shown in Figure 9-19) retails for US$20.99 and requires a US$24.99 wireless receiver (shown in Figure 9-20, the receiver can be used for up to 16 wireless X10 devices). When the motion sensor detects activity, it sends a signal to the wireless receiver, which in turn sends an ON signal to the associated X10 address. In this case, the signal would be sent to the X10 dimmer switch attached to the hallway light.
They take up memory the entire time your program is executing, not just when they are needed. Using a global variable where a local variable is sufficient makes a function less general, because it relies on something that must be defined outside itself.
Figure 5.2.2 Data File Management protocol. (Image courtesy of RQ Construction.)
The Bookmark Manager docker provides a convenient way for you to manage bookmarks applied to objects.
Table 21-3.
The following sections discuss the components of IPSec, including keys, encryption algorithms, HMAC functions, and protocols. The following information provides only a brief introduction to these components.
The reports in Figure 7-3 show how the results depend on which option is set in the SQL universe parameters. The top report shows the correct results as the SQL is split for each measure and each table. As a control, I have added an object to the universe that does not contain the SUM on price. Notice that both the Extended Price object that contains the SUM and the Unit Price that does not contain the SUM yield the same correct results: 114.55. For the middle report, only one SQL statement is generated, as the parameter Multiple SQL Statements for Each Measure was not selected in the universe. Notice how the Extended Price returns grossly incorrect results, 687.30. The results have been overstated by however many rows there are in the SHOP_FACTS table.
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