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Telephone Network Interfaces
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This call to Format( ) contains two format items, one for sum and one for prod. Notice that the argument numbers are specified just as they are when using WriteLine( ). Also, notice that regular text, such as Sum: is included. This text is passed through and becomes part of the output string.
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to the far left, making it the first icon. Visually, the toolbar is complete. However, the icons don t do anything, yet. In order to make the icons functional, you need to tie each icon to an action from the ActionList component. To set the following icon s Action property, first click the icon, and then set its action property as shown here:
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Determine Coaching Goals and Learner Motivation Make sure the goals can be accomplished in the time available and are linked to one or more of the learner s key motivators.
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The FCS is neither computed nor appended to the frame. The asynchronous control character map (ACCM) is not used.
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Effects of Varying the Number of CPUs and Hyper-Threading on Presentation Servers
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Figure 14 - 17 Das Sub main menu, showing creative use of cursor graphic
A certificate authority (CA) is a service that issues the certificates needed to run a public key infrastructure. The CA could be an external commercial CA or it could be a CA run by your company. The certificates enable a user to log on using a smart card, send encrypted e-mail, code-sign documents, and more. Because a CA is an important trust point in an organization, most organizations have their own CA. Microsoft Windows 2000 provides two types of CAs: an enterprise CA or a standalone CA. Which CA type is used is determined by which policy modules are selected during installation. Within these classes are two types of CAs: a root or a subordinate. Typically, you should install an enterprise CA if you are issuing certificates to users or computers inside an organization that is part of a Windows 2000 domain. You should install a stand-alone CA if you are issuing certificates to users or computers outside a Windows 2000 domain. An enterprise CA requires all users requesting certificates have an entry in the Windows 2000 Server Active Directory services, whereas a stand-alone CA does not. Also, an enterprise CA can issue certificates used to log on to a Windows 2000-based domain, and a stand-alone CA cannot. Additional information is available by referencing Microsoft knowledgebase support article 231881 ( .com/default.aspx scid=kb;EN-US;231881). NOTE The configuration steps may vary slightly between Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. To configure a Certificate Authority: 1. Click Start|Settings|Control Panel. 2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. 3. Click Add/Remove Windows Components to start the Windows Components Wizard. 4. Select the Certificate Services check box and click Next. 5. If you intend to use the web components of the Certificate Services, ensure that the IIS check box is selected. 6. The wizard prompts you to specify the type of CA you want to install. Set up attempts to guess which option is selected to make installation simpler.
Battery Performance Characteristics n
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As a result, the Riemann sum for the partition P is R( f, P) = 4 j2 2 k2 k j =1 8 j2 k3 j =1 8 k3
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