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A network is a series of interconnections that form a cohesive and ubiquitous connectivity arrangement when all tied together. That sounds rather vague, so let s look at the components of what constitutes the telecommunications network. The telecommunications network referred to here is the one that was built around voice communications but has been undergoing a metamorphosis for the past two decades. The convergence of voice and data is nothing new; we have been trying to run data over a voice network since the 1970s. However, to run data over the voice network, we had to make the data look like voice. This caused significant problems for the data because the voice network was noisy and error-prone. Reliability was a dream and integrity was unattainable, no matter what the price. Generally speaking, a network is a series of interconnection points. The telephone companies over the years have been developing the connections throughout the world so that a level of cost-effective services can be achieved and their return on investment (ROI) can be met. As a matter of due course, whenever a customer wants a particular form of service, the traditional carriers offer two answers: 1. It cannot be done technically. 2. The tariff will not allow us to do that! Regardless what the question happened to be, the telephone carriers were constantly the delay and the limiting factor in meeting the needs and demands for data and voice communications. In order to facilitate our interconnections, the telephone companies installed wires to the customer s door. The wiring was selected as the most economical to satisfy the need and the ROI equation. Consequently, the telephone companies installed the least expensive wiring possible. Because they were primarily satisfying the demand for voice communications, they installed a thin wire (26-gauge) to most customers whose locations were within a mile or two from the central office. At the demarcation point, they installed the least expensive termination device (RJ-11), satisfying the standard two-wire unshielded twisted pair communications infrastructure. The position of the demarcation point depended on the legal issues involved. In the early days of the telephone network, the telephone companies owned everything, so they ran the wires to an interface point and then connected their telephone equipment to the wires at the customer s end. The point here is that the telephone sets were essentially commodity-priced items requiring little special effect or treatment. When the data communications industry began during the late 1950s, the telephone companies began to charge an inordinate amount of money to accommodate this different service. Functionally, they were in the voice business and not the data business. As a matter of fact, to this day, most telephone companies do not know how to spell the word data ! They profess that they understand this technology, but when faced with tough
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Routers Switches, bridges, NICs Hubs and repeaters
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The parameter to display( ) is of type int. It is not relevant that display( ) is called by using an array element, because only that one value of the array is passed. It is important to understand that when an array is used as a function argument, its address is passed to a function. This is an exception to the call-by-value parameter passing convention. In this case, the code inside the function is operating on, and potentially altering, the actual contents of the array used to call the function. For example, consider the function print_upper( ), which prints its string argument in uppercase:
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Idle Mode
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gives the CD-ROM one of its de ning characteristics: the capability to store 650MB of data (or 680MB of digital audio data). Translate this storage capacity to more commonly understood terms and the utility of this storage medium becomes very clear. You can store 600,000 pages of text or 74 minutes of music or the entire contents of a 20-volume multimedia encyclopedia. DVD exceeds this storage ability with a variety of disc types storing from 4.38 Gigabytes to 17.9 Gigabytes. The signi cantly greater storage capacity for DVD make it possible to store digital video versions of entire lms or multimedia titles with contents designed for playback in several different languages. The extra capacity available on a DVD-ROM comes primarily from the addition of extra layers within the disc subsurface. The number of layers varies depending on the DVD variation being discussed. For more details, refer to 4, DVD Standards. Compact discs are primarily made of a form of plastic known as polycarbonate, a petrochemical marvel usually delivered to disc replication houses in the form of small beads, which are melted down to the consistency of honey and then injected into molds. The molds already contain the surface irregularities the pits and lands representing the data that was recorded by the laser on a circular glass master. When the uid polycarbonate conforms to the mold, it acquires the same pattern of indentations. The resulting plastic disc, consisting of the bulk of the material from which a CD-ROM is composed, is called the plastic substrate. As previously mentioned, indentations in the plastic substrate are called pits; they extend in a continuous spiral from the innermost area of the disc to the outer boundaries of the recording area. The level areas between the pits are called lands. A re ective coating of aluminum is sputtered over this surface, capturing the surface geography of pits and lands in precise fashion. The re ective aluminum layer is extremely shallow, measured in units called angstroms. A single angstrom is one ten-billionth of a meter; the aluminum layer is a few hundred angstroms thick. To prevent this very thin layer of aluminum from being scarred and scratched, which would essentially obliterate the data patterns residing on it, a clear protective layer of lacquer is laid down over its surface. The laser beam can read through this layer without dif culty to detect the microscopic impressions in the disc surface.
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VoIP and SS7
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typedef struct { float due; int over_due; char name[40]; } client; /* here client is the new type name */ client clist[NUM_CLIENTS]; /* define array of structures of type client */
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Figure 13-6
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Encoding and decoding complex messages Interpreting these messages Performing the requested service.
When a logical expression involves two bool objects, the outcome of that expression will be one of three values: true, false, or null (undefined). Here are the entries that are added to the truth table for the & and | operators that apply to bool :
getcwd( )
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One very basic measure of network performance is reliability: Can the network be depended upon Reliability is a perception held by the network s users. It is based
Description Adds value into the invoking collection. Returns the index at which the object is stored. Deletes all elements from the invoking collection. Returns true if the invoking collection contains value. Returns false if value is not in the collection. Returns the index of value if value is contained within the invoking collection. If value is not found, 1 is returned. Inserts value at the index specified by index. Elements at and below index are moved down to make room for value. Removes the first occurrence of value from the invoking collection. Elements at and below the removed element are moved up to close the gap. Removes the object at the index specified by index from the invoking collection. Elements at and below index are moved up to close the gap.
0 0 2 4 6 8 T1/ TN (a) Primary spectrum. 10 12
Sometimes you will want to try a conversion at runtime, but not throw an exception if the conversion fails (which is the case when a cast is used). To do this, use the as operator, which has this general form: expr as type
GSM, as stated earlier, uses TDMA in the air interface. In reality, GSM uses a combination of TDMA and Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA). Where a 25 MHz band is allotted for GSM, FDMA is used to break the 25 MHz spectrum down into a total of 124 carrier frequencies spaced at 200 kHz apart. One or more of these carrier frequencies is assigned to each of the base stations. From there, each of the carrier frequencies is subdivided in time division, using TDMA. The basic element of the TDMA is a burst of data during a burst period of 0.577 ms. There are 8 burst periods grouped into a frame. The TDMA frame is approximately 4.615 ms. This framing forms the basis of a logical channel. One physical channel is one burst period in a TDMA frame. The number and position of its corresponding burst period defines the channels. All definitions operate on a cycle of patterns that repeat every three hours.
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I knew that the project was successful when my boss came to my office and sat down. He said that he had made the right decision by putting me on this project. The sense I got from him was that the client would use us again in a minute.
Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
One limitation of the pseudowire architecture is that PEs must be connected over MPLS LSPs. This becomes a problem in three cases:
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